Decorating Play Dough Easter Eggs

Set up a gorgeous Easter themed invitation to play with pastel coloured play dough, cookie cutters and little accessories to decorate like eggs! Lovely for fine motor development and all the other fabulous benefits that play dough has to offer for pre-writing skills and creativity!

Together with

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Decorating Foam Eggs on the Window

Create some beautiful patterned Easter eggs using craft foam on the window or in the bath! This activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, combines creativity and maths and is completely mess free! Plus it can be reused over and over again with limitless possibilities for the outcome, making it a truly open-ended activity. Continue reading Decorating Foam Eggs on the Window

Rainbow Comb Paintings

Enjoy a fabulous art process using combs and brightly coloured paints, to explore textures and patterns with kids!  Painting sessions with young children are much less about creating an end result and finished product than they should be about exploring materials in an

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Making Patterns with Lego and Egg Cartons

Use egg cartons, homemade pattern cards and everyday toys to create some playful invitations to make patterns. Great for home or preschool with 3 year olds to school age children as a fun way to learn about pattern making, sequencing and matching by colour and shape! As part

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Rainbow Pasta Threading Necklaces

This is a fun and easy activity that practises some great fine motor skills as well as promoting creativity with a little maths tossed in along the way! For this we needed to dye some large pasta shapes. We used rigatoni and it was easy to dye. I

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