Rainbow Paper Sculpture Craft

Rainbow paper sculpture

Make a rainbow paper sculpture craft using strips of brightly coloured paper and glue!Rainbow paper sculpture

We set out some strips of brightly coloured paper with some pieces of card and glue sticks. They played around with the strips and we talked about how to use them

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Paper Art for Kids [from It’s Playtime!]

Here are some creative and fun ways to make art with paper from last week’s It’s Playtime! I love the colours, textures and dimension explored in each project and am feeling inspired to get the papers out and have a go too!

[Clockwise]Re-using art work to create beautiful stained glass

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Easy Paper Bag Weaving

It’s time for another creative challenge from the wonderful Tinkerlab!  This time the simple request was to make something creative from a paper bag.  That’s it!  There are so many different things that can be done with a humble brown paper bag, from story puppets to animal masks, but I

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Eric Carle Initial Art

After we made the Eric Carle inspired tissue paper prints this week I thought it would be nice to turn them into some wall art for the girls rooms. I saw a lovely idea for cutting art work into initials *somewhere* recently (if it was you, please

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