Dip Dye Doily Flowers

Beautiful dip dye doily flowers

Create some beautiful, rainbow coloured flowers using paper doilies and liquid watercolour paints in a fun, hands on painting method for kids! These look beautiful in a vase for Spring and would make a stunning Mother’s day or Easter gift!

 We recently did

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Rainbow Comb Paintings

Painting with rainbow colours and combs

Enjoy a fabulous art process using combs and brightly coloured paints, to explore textures and patterns with kids!  Painting sessions with young children are much less about creating an end result and finished product than they should be about exploring materials in an

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Salt Dough Handprint Christmas Tree Ornaments

Create some cute handprint Christmas tree ornaments using green sparkly salt dough and paints! These are lovely as a little keepsake and memento of how the kids have grown. I do love handprint keepsakes!

 To create these christmas tree handprints from salt dough I thought we would try to colour

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Abstract Line and Colour Paintings Inspired by Paul Klee

Create some stunning paintings to investigate colour, form and line with a little inspiration from abstract artist Paul Klee! A great art project for children with beautiful, open-ended results. Welcome to another round up of Kids Get Arty, a bi-monthly celebration of children’s art work, hosted with Red Ted Art,

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Van Gogh Style Finger-Paint Printing

van gogh starry night art with kids

Create some beautiful art work with kids, inspired by the great Van Gogh, using just paint, fingers and paper! Easy, child-centred, open-ended and stunning! We’ve been inspired by the great artist Vincent Van Gogh for our latest Kids Get Arty project! The

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