Golden Shimmer Dough!

A recipe for wonderfully sparkly, golden, shimmering DOUGH! I’ve been wanting to try cloud dough for a long time and have seen it around the web a lot recently. So we had a go at making some and decided to colour it yellow and make it look golden like shimmering stars!

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Clay and Pipe Cleaner Spider

I gave the girls some air-drying clay to play with for the first time this week and loved to see how they reacted to it. Pop tasted it, of course, and looked disgusted, but still went back for more. Cakie was fascinated by its cold, firm texture and commented on

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Paper Mache Easter Egg

All of the inspiration to make this came from the beautiful idea by Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree (check out her colourful site!) Our blogs aren’t related although it sounds as though they should be from their names :-) Fist of all we took some

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