Designing and Building Bridges Activity

Set up a fun science and engineering activity for kids using everyday materials to construct a bridge together! Make it into a challenge to see how much weight the bridge can carry and compare results using different methods and materials.

Designing and building a bridge with kids

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Salt Dough Handprint Christmas Tree Ornaments

Create some cute handprint Christmas tree ornaments using green sparkly salt dough and paints! These are lovely as a little keepsake and memento of how the kids have grown. I do love handprint keepsakes!

 To create these christmas tree handprints from salt dough I thought we would try to colour

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Gruffalo Play Dough!

Create a model of the wonderful story book character, The Gruffalo,  using play dough, added materials and imagination! Then use it to retell the story together!

You will know by now that we absolutely ADORE play dough. We have tried many different recipes, flavours and

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Shell Fossil Imprints in Salt Dough

Create some beautiful homemade fossils and nature print keepsakes using shells and easy homemade salt dough!

Salt dough shell prints If you read this blog often you will already know how much we love salt dough and use it often for

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Golden Shimmer Dough!

A recipe for wonderfully sparkly, golden, shimmering DOUGH! I’ve been wanting to try cloud dough for a long time and have seen it around the web a lot recently. So we had a go at making some and decided to colour it yellow and make it look golden like shimmering stars!

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