Lavender and Glitter Sensory Salt

Here’s how to make the most wonderful sensory play material for mark making, pre-writing, fine motor skills, sensory investigation and relaxing playtime fun!

A while ago we posted about making pink salt for mark making and letter practise, which was a fantastic learning and sensory play experience.

To build

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DIY: Magnetic Chalkboard Table

 This project takes only about half an hour to do and adds an original, fun and easily accessible new dimension to outdoor art and play!

I bought this tin of magnetic chalkboard paint at Homebase and painted two coats onto an old Ikea coffee table that we were storing

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Literacy Development: The Importance of Doodling

This is a wonderful guest post from the excellent Kate from An Amazing Child and The Education Network. Kate is also a teacher and Mum of two and we are really pleased to have found each other! This month we have swapped posts about literacy development so be sure to read my post Literacy Development:

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Fork-Scrape Painting

The way that we chose to do this activity is NOT for the clean and tidy person. If you are worried about mess then back away slowly from this post and do not read on!If, however, you don’t mind a bit of crazy mess-making amidst all of that creativity, then welcome

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Paint Tracks!

 We had fun with some toy cars, trains and trucks the other night, using lots of paint and paper to make tyre tracks (and a splendid mess!) This is an activity we used to do at school and it always proved as a fun way to get boys involved with

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