DIY: Cat Cupcakes

I made these *very* scruffy cat cupcakes for our play-date with Maggy from Red Ted Art today! She has two cats and loves them very much, so I thought little kitties might be appreciated!

¬†However, as I should have learnt long ago, I’m not really

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Kitchen Play

We have been playing in the kitchen and practising some vital skills along the way. Cakie made her own sandwiches all by herself.

Spreading on some peanut butter with a sturdy plastic knife.

Chopping up a banana using her other hand to hold it steady.

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Snow printing and dribbly icing!

Today was another long day at home because of the snow. We did some snowflake printing using a sun/star/flower shaped sponge dipped in white and silver glitter paint.

I taped a few pieces of black card together to create a larger scale background than usual, and she printed away to

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Kiddie Cooking: Pizzas

* Please note, nothing impressively home-made or organic is contained within this post! * Cakie’s appetite seems to have halved itself recently (something I have heard often happens to toddlers?) and because of this she sometimes needs more persuasion to eat at meal times. I though we might try and make some simple meals together

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