Frozen Jello Sensory Play

Create a wonderfully fun material for summer sensory play by freezing jello/jelly with sparkles mixed through! It is also a fantastic, hands-on science investigation for watching changes in state of materials and experimenting with how to make substances melt.Frozen sparkle jello sensory play collage


In a brief period

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Raspberry Jelly Valentine’s Play Dough

Here’s how to make some delicious raspberry scented no-cook play dough for Valentine’s day, using jelly (jello) crystals for the dye and scent. Add a little glitter and it is totally irresistible to play with! As you will already know, we make a LOT of play dough and it forms

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Messy Play: Snakes in Jelly!

This is an example of some pure, joyful messy play! Rubber toy snakes set into green jelly to look like glorious slime, resulting in a morning of fun, investigation and PLAY! First of all, we made the jelly together which was in itself a real hands-on learning experience. We talked

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