Nature Exploration Table

Set up an interactive nature exploration table for children to explore and examine natural elements at first hand. Coupled with some nature journals it becomes a great way to introduce some simple science exploration into the home or classroom with a dedicated area for observation and learning. Spring nature exploration table for kidsContinue reading Nature Exploration Table

Mini Discovery Boxes for Open-Ended Play

For a while I have been planning to put together some boxes of materials from some of our Discovery Boxes to encourage free, open-ended, investigative and creative play. I found some small boxes for just £1 each at Ikea and used them to add a range of multi-sensory materials on some low shelves that the

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Goop and Flower Cupcakes!

Inspired by the marvellous Teacher Tom and spurred on by a morning with nothing to do and the glorious 24 degree sunshine beckoning us outside….we made these little beauties! Tubs filled with cornflour, salt, water, white vinegar and cream of tartar. Spoons for pouring and stirring, whisks, cupcake cases and

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Discovery Box 8: Egg Cartons

I gave the girls a big box filled with egg cartons and just sat back to watch them and talk to them as they decided what to do with them. This was a fun Discovery Box! Both girls played with it at their own level and were creative in their

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Egg Box Count and Sort!

This is the kind of fun that keeps Cakie absorbed for ages because it combines some of her favourite things in the world: containers and little things to put inside them!  We had a huge egg box and so I numbered the little holes from 1-15 with a Sharpie marker

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