Handprint Flower Card and Framed Art

Make a super quick and simple card or framed artwork gift for Father’s day (or Mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays, you name it!) as a lovely memory of the relative size of the children’s little hands. So easy that everyone can get involved from baby to teenager, and easy to put together in few quick minutes!

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Baby Hand and Foot Prints from Salt Dough

Make a beautiful baby keepsake from salt dough to give as a special gift to family or hang on the wall!

Baby hand and foot prints plaque


Baby Bean is now 9 weeks old and I have been very keen to take an imprint of

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Handprint Measuring and Number Lines!

Now that C has turned 3, she has shown a lot of interest in beginning to learn more letters, sounds, writing, counting and typical “preschool” skills. To celebrate that we are doing more projects together, totally lead by her interests, and in a 100% playful way! I have two new series starting on the blog

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Bubblewrap Print Seascape

This was a fun, easy printing project with lots of elements to add to it over a few days, keeping us busy and occupied for longer! The result is a beautiful under the water scene made using bubble wrap printing, hand printing, plenty of glitter and some googly eyes.

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Handprint Reindeer Christmas Craft

Make a handprint reindeer craft with kids for a fun Christmas decoration or ornament for the tree!Handprint Cardboard Roll Rudolph Craft   First, Cakie made some handprints using brown paint. When they were dry I cut around them carefully so that they could represent antlers. Then we found some cardboard tubes,

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