Baby Play: Cardboard Box Play Tunnel

Make a sensory crawl through tunnel for babies and toddlers to explore together! Great rainy day fun for everyone!

The best fun comes from the simplest of things. This is something I say a lot because I really believe it! Look at the joy created from simply turning

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Baby Play: Dropping and Posting

Little Pop is crawling everywhere now and getting her hands on all of big sister’s toys, much to her joy. She is entering that stage of pure wonder as she explores the shape, texture, smell and taste of a myriad of things that are all new to her. She is particularly interested in dropping small

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Salt Dough Handprints

I thought it was about time we did some salt-dough model making so I dug out the easy-peasy ingredients.

I drew a little visual recipe list so that it would be easier for C to understand what we were doing (she loved it!)

And we

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