Driving Cars on the Window

Driving cars on the window gross motor play activity

Make an easy and playful car driving activity using craft foam road-way pieces stuck to the window or bath tub! So much fun and a great activity for strengthening shoulder and arm muscles, developing gross motor co-ordination and learning to work on a vertical plane. And simply a great fun activity for toddlers with lots

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Soap Fluff Sensory Play

Make some gloriously goopy soap fluff for sensory play time fun! Made with 2 basic materials it feels so squishy and soft and smells wonderfully clean and fresh when it’s time to clear it away!Soap Fluff Sensory Play activityWe are HUGE fans of messy, sensory play and have enjoyed

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Decorating Foam Eggs on the Window

A collection of Spring crafts and activities for kids

Create some beautiful patterned Easter eggs using craft foam on the window or in the bath! This activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, combines creativity and maths and is completely mess free! Plus it can be reused over and over again with limitless possibilities for the outcome, making it a truly open-ended activity. Continue reading Decorating Foam Eggs on the Window

Matisse Art in the Bath Tub!

Let kids create some modern art masterpieces  in the bath tub, using brightly coloured foam shapes and water! Easy, effective and open-ended artistic exploration for young children and a great way to introduce a little art theory too. We recently went for a day out into London and visited the

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Foam and Felt Collage (for baby too!)

To my great JOY I found out that Paperchase (a shop I could happily go on holiday for a week to!) has started selling cheap packs of crafty materials. Woop woop! They have always done various papers in glorious rainbow shades and sequins, ribbons and other stationary essentials, but I’ve

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