Ocean and Waves Discovery Bottle

Create an exciting ocean themed discovery bottle which creates waves and bubbles when tipped from side to side! Lots of crafty, scientific, sensory fun for beach themed summer play-time for kids and great entertainment for long car journeys too!Ocean Discovery Bottle


We have been making some new discovery bottles

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Nature Exploration Table

Set up an interactive nature exploration table for children to explore and examine natural elements at first hand. Coupled with some nature journals it becomes a great way to introduce some simple science exploration into the home or classroom with a dedicated area for observation and learning. Spring nature exploration table for kidsContinue reading Nature Exploration Table

Literacy Development: The Importance of Doodling

This is a wonderful guest post from the excellent Kate from An Amazing Child and The Education Network. Kate is also a teacher and Mum of two and we are really pleased to have found each other! This month we have swapped posts about literacy development so be sure to read my post Literacy Development:

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