DIY Indoor Chalkboard Table

Turn an old table into an indoor chalkboard to extend the opportunities for drawing, mark making and writing for your little ones! So simple and quick to do and provides a fun and quirky addition to the art area or play room! We have a couple of these £5 Ikea

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Tape Resist Art

Today’s feature article is from the talented Roopa at Putti Prapancha! Enjoy!Tape Resist Art is one of my favorite art techniques where it is entirely process based, yet the product turns out beautiful and unique each time!!!  We have even used this as a party activity during my daughter’s 3rd

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30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge: Mega Floor Doodles!

Day 7 Challenge:   Mega Floor Doodles!

 This challenge is SUPER fun and requires only:

floor space crayons/ pencils or marker pens  paper sticky tape  15 minutes of uninterrupted play time! Here’s the play prompt:  Lay out lots of sheets of paper or large paper from a

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DIY: Rainbow Crayons!

This is one of those lovely ideas that I have seen around the internet so often, and have wanted to try for a while now. I finally ended up with a plethora of cheap crayons recently so recycled about 12 of them to make these cute little rainbow shape crayons using ice cube trays for

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DIY: Magnetic Chalkboard Table

 This project takes only about half an hour to do and adds an original, fun and easily accessible new dimension to outdoor art and play!

I bought this tin of magnetic chalkboard paint at Homebase and painted two coats onto an old Ikea coffee table that we were storing

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