Upcycled Lanterns from Kids’ Art

Upcycle some children’s art work into some gorgeous paper lanterns to make a creative and vibrant display in the art area! A great way to re-use all those lovely paintings that the kids keep on producing!

Lanterns from Upcycled Kids' Artwork

Our kids

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Autumn Leaf Spin Art Garland

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Celebrate the beginning of Autumn by creating some beautiful fall leaves using oils pastels, paint and glitter to make a spin art garland!Creating spin art is one of the girls absolute favourite ways to create pictures. It is easy, achievable by all, virtually mess-free and produces vibrant

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Eric Carle Initial Art

After we made the Eric Carle inspired tissue paper prints this week I thought it would be nice to turn them into some wall art for the girls rooms. I saw a lovely idea for cutting art work into initials *somewhere* recently (if it was you, please

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A Birthday Tree!

I was talking to 2.5 year old C the other day about the up-coming birthday of Little Pop, and she and I got to thinking that a birthday tree would be such a cool thing. Why stop at Christmas eh?! Let’s be honest, I wanted one and she got excited about it. (I’ve never progressed

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Handprints for our Art Gallery!

We have recently redecorated our kitchen which means that all of the lovely art work that was (messily) tacked over the walls has finally come down. It looks much tidier but also a bit sad! So we set about making a little art gallery on one wall where we can keep on rotating the best

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