Discovery Box 7: Pebbles

A full list of our Discovery Boxes and an explanation of Heuristic Play can be found under the labelled tab at the top of the page or click here. I found a lovely egg shaped basket and natural pebbles on sale in Ikea this week and just knew they would

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Discovery Box 6: Pipe Cleaners

This was a really fun activity that both girls enjoyed equally. Little Pop enjoys the Discovery Boxes too now, even though she can’t always manipulate the materials in the same way as her big sister and it’s very interesting to note the comparisons between what they can do.

 These lovely,

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Discovery Box 5: Pouring and scooping

This activity didn’t technically start off in a box like the other Discovery Box activities, but because it is of the same ilk I have filed it under the same name.I cut some bottles of different sizes and transparencies so that I was left with

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Discovery Box 4: Ribbons and Material

In this discovery box I wrapped up a parcel containing two long strips of material, two large pieces of colourful material, a huge roll of wide golden ribbon and some ribbon twirlers.

To make the ribbon twirlers I attached two long pieces of very fluid silver ribbon to two cardboard

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Discovery Box 3: Straws

Things have been a bit quiet in our house as Little Pop has been struggling with a virus for the past few days. Big Sis has been keeping herself busy with her toys and books and the newest Discovery Box.

 This one was lots of fun and so easy! The

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