DIY Doll’s House Chairs

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Make some adorable DIY doll’s house chairs by simply cutting some cardboard tubes! A perfect craft activity for adding to the imaginative play resources.

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DIY Milk Jug Scooter and Bike Lanterns!

Make some DIY milk jug lanterns for attaching to the front of scooters and bikes, for fun adventures in the dark! So much fun on dark winter afternoons and a prompt to get outside and exercise even when it seems so miserable (hello UK weather, I’m talking to you!) Our

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Grinding Coffee Beans

Use an old-fashioned coffee grinder to learn about simple machinery, observe a change of materials, smell a fantastic sensory aroma and practise some vital, gross-motor actions! The side bonus is that you get a great fresh cup of coffee too! Learning Links: Gross motor skill development Observing changes in

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Discovery Box 10: Tubes, Tape and Beans

Remember the big cardboard box from the small world town? Yep. It’s still here (for now at least!) With a few hot days last week we decided to move the investigations outside and have a Discovery Box of materials on a larger scale than usual.

 This Discovery Box consisted of

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