The Central Importance of Play

I’ve been wanting to write about the importance of play for some time, but every time I try to do it the enormity of the topic just overwhelms me. How on earth can you contain in a single post the huge significance of a playful childhood?!┬áSo instead I want to simply outline a few key

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Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets

When Cakie was a small baby I used to take her every week to a lovely Sure Start play-group that was run by an early years teacher. The group was fantastic in that it had some very well planned activities for toddlers, such as sand and water, play-dough, puzzles, puppets

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5-A-Day Books


At the school where I teach we often rave about two early years educational specialists called Ros Bayley and Sue Palmer. They have such a fantastic understanding of young children’s development. They understand, what many professionals don’t, that children need to be children, first and foremost and that the best way for them to develop

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Licking my shoes

Why does my baby put EVERYTHING in her mouth?! When she was very small I didn’t even question why she picked things up and instantly put them straight to her mouth- after all, she was little and didn’t know any better. But now that she is older and has

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