Literacy Development: The Importance of Doodling

This is a wonderful guest post from the excellent Kate from An Amazing Child and The Education Network. Kate is also a teacher and Mum of two and we are really pleased to have found each other! This month we have swapped posts about literacy development so be sure to read my post Literacy Development:

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The Central Importance of Play

I’ve been wanting to write about the importance of play for some time, but every time I try to do it the enormity of the topic just overwhelms me. How on earth can you contain in a single post the huge significance of a playful childhood?!┬áSo instead I want to simply outline a few key

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Cookie Cutter Heart Printing

Happy Valentine’s Day! If nothing else, it’s a great excuse for lots of chocolate eating (always a bonus) and doing art and craft activities linked to hearts. In this girly household it goes down very well! This activity can be adapted to use any shape and is super easy and

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