Spin Art Heart Cards for Valentines Day

Make some gorgeous Valentine’s day heart cards using spin art with bright and sparkly paints! We used our favourite method of salad spinner painting to create these beautiful hearts on bright red card, ready for making cards and a garland for Valentine’s Day (or any day that needs a bit

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Lego Print Thank You Cards for Kids

Use Lego and Duplo blocks to create beautiful prints to decorate thank you and birthday cards! Simple,  easily achievable for little hands and very effective in bright colours, this is one of our favourite go-to art activities! After each Christmas and birthday I always have good intentions for the kids

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Spin Art Christmas Trees

Create a beautiful garland and some unique Christmas cards by making some funky spin art Christmas trees!

 Have you had a go at creating some simple, vibrant, open-ended art using a salad spinner yet?! It’s so easy that even a toddler can have a go, yet fun enough for adults

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8 Christmas Cards Kids can Make! [It’s Playtime]

Here are 8 fantastic, original and creative Christmas card crafts for kids to make this season, linked up through It’s Playtime!

[Clockwise:]Coloured Paper Snowflakes At Home with AliSplattered Cards Art Club BlogCork Stamped Christmas Trees Mudpies and SunshinePom Pom Snowman Mummy, Mummy Mum!Collage Christmas Trees Rainy Day MumHandprint Rudolph The Imagination TreeUp-cycling Kids Art into

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Potato Print Heart Cards

We carved a potato to make a simple and easy heart stamp for printing onto Valentine’s day cards! 

 This method of potato printing is very simple and easy and is great for preschoolers as they can grip the potato easily and firmly as they work.

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