Giant Bead Abacus for Counting and Addition

Turn a large cardboard box into a giant abacus for some fun counting and addition games with kids! Kinaesthetic learning and fun, with some motor skills mixed into the play too.Giant Abacus textWe had a huge cardboard box in our house for a couple of months which we used

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Addition and Counting Machine Maths Activity!

Create a machine from recycled materials to make a fun addition and counting activity for kids! A really hands-on and exciting, visual way to learn about combining and adding small groups of numbers. Welcome to another post from our Playful Maths

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Fibre Optic Sensory Cave!

Create a wonderful sensory experience for young children using glowing lights in the dark! We love turning cardboard boxes into fun places to play as they are free and can be turned into anything! They also make great tunnels, dens and caves. A while ago we used a long box

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Town-in-a-box small world play!

You may remember when we had a HUGE cardboard box in the summer and I turned it into a play town for the girls to sit in outside? They loved it and it was great fun for a few days, but eventually had to go in the bin!

 We got

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Glow in the dark cave!

A recipe for half an hour of fun on a wet, grey afternoon in the British summertime!

 Take one ENORMOUS cardboard box and put it in a dark spot in the house (it was very dark inside but hard to photograph!) Find a box of

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