DIY Wooden Maths Dice

DIY wooden math dice for elementary math learning from And Next Comes L

Make some lovely DIY wooden dice for maths games for school aged children to enjoy! Great as a resource to add to the play cupboard, maths shelves in the classroom or homeschool learning environment and for free pay and exploration, in combination with so many other hands-on materials. This is the next in a series

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Counting and Measuring with Lego

Use numbered lego blocks to play some fun maths games with kids! Great for recognising numbers, counting, ordering and measuring in a hands-on, kinaesthetic and most importantly, playful, way! Counting and measuring with lego: preschool maths game!

Welcome to another idea from our Playful Maths series, co-hosted weekly with Debs from Learn with

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Shape Blocks Matching Picture Cards

Matching Shape Model Picture Cards

Use building blocks to create some picture cards of models and patterns for kids to copy! A great maths activity for preschoolers that can be simplified for toddlers and extended for school age children.3D shape structures math activity

The next material in our collaborative Playful

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