A garden flowers birthday party!

Little Pop was 2 this week and we celebrated with a garden flowers birthday party in the glorious March sunshine with all our friends! Perfect! Chocolate Flower Cupcakes!  We took a trip to the local garden centre to gather our supplies, including various terracotta plant pots, packets of seeds, bags

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Homemade Fairy Dust!

At Cakie’s fairy party the children made bottles of their very own fairy dust to take home! I found some small plastic bottles with little cork stoppers at Yellow Moon craft supplies.

 We filled up some empty jars with talcum/ baby powder, silver glitter and

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A Fairy Birthday Party!

Our little 3 year old had a magical day celebrating with friends at the weekend! For months she had been talking of nothing else but fairies and PINK, so a pink fairy extravaganza it was. “Welcome to the enchanted garden!” There was pink tulle hanging between all the trees and

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Birthday Imaginative Play

Ever since Little Pop’s birthday party we have had birthday fever in this house. Cakie is just desperate for it to be her birthday and, since that’s not going to be a reality for a while yet, I have created the next best thing-  a semi-permanent birthday play space instead.

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Butterfly Birthday Party

Two years ago something wonderful happened.

This beautiful little bundle entered our lives and changed us completely. We were able to experience first hand the truth of the promise in Psalm 127 that “truly children are an inheritance from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is his

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