A garden flowers birthday party!

Little Pop was 2 this week and we celebrated with a garden flowers birthday party in the glorious March sunshine with all our friends! Perfect! Chocolate Flower Cupcakes!  We took a trip to the local garden centre to gather our supplies, including various terracotta plant pots, packets of seeds, bags

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30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge: Have a Party!

Day 21:Have a Party!

 Play prompt:Have a spontaneous party for no reason at all! It could be a teddy bear’s picnic with a toy tea set and imaginary food. Invite all your child’s favourite toys, make some invitations, set out the places, turn on the music and enjoy! Or find

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Homemade Fairy Dust!

At Cakie’s fairy party the children made bottles of their very own fairy dust to take home! I found some small plastic bottles with little cork stoppers at Yellow Moon craft supplies.

 We filled up some empty jars with talcum/ baby powder, silver glitter and

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5 Minute Fairy Wands!

These were really simple to make and formed one of the activities at Cakie’s fairy party last week.

 My patient hubby sawed some bamboo canes in half and sprayed them with silver spray paint.

 I cut some (very!) basic star shapes

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Painted Fairy Houses

At Cakie’s 3rd birthday fairy party the children painted and adorned little ceramic fairy houses to hang in their gardens. 

I found these on special offer at Yellow Moon (a UK crafts company) for just 99p each! There was a

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