Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game

Use ping-pong balls to practise letter names and sounds with a fun fishing and matching game for pre-schoolers!

Fishing for the alphabet game

Recently I found a large box of ping-pong balls for only £1 in the Pound Shop and bought them up (like I always do!) thinking they would

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Matisse Art in the Bath Tub!

Let kids create some modern art masterpieces  in the bath tub, using brightly coloured foam shapes and water! Easy, effective and open-ended artistic exploration for young children and a great way to introduce a little art theory too. We recently went for a day out into London and visited the

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Glowing Activities for Kids!

Here is a wonderful guest post by one of my favourite, creative bloggers! I’m so thrilled that she is posting her ideas here today so that you can be inspired with some glow into dark activities for your children!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be guest posting here at The Imagination Tree! My name is

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Shaving Cream Bath Paint!

Turn bath time into art time with some easy to make bath paints!

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 We have had some super fun recently at bath time, simply by whipping up some easy peasy bath paint! All you need is a can of shaving foam/ cream (preferably

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