Summer Play Dough Recipes

Here is a collection of 11 summer play dough recipes that are fresh, uplifting and made with natural ingredients!

Natural summer play dough recipes

We enjoy making up new play dough recipes all of the time and especially like experimenting with adding fresh, seasonal ingredients to add to the richness of the sensory play experience. These would make a great play therapy tool for adults too, and are a great stress reliever at the end of a hot and busy day!

The lavender and fresh herbs recipes are my personal favourites. Try them all to find your own favourite recipe, and pin the rest for later! Click through each one to see the full instructions:


Natural mint play dough recipe


Lavender play dough

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream natural play dough recipes


Calming chamomile play dough recipe


Creamy coconut play dough recipe with 2 ingredients!


Fresh Herbs

Natural herbal play dough






blueberry play dough recipe



Orange and Lemon



Beach Sand

Sand play dough


Ocean and shells

 Ocean play dough

Here are MORE play dough recipes to try too!



And you can search our extensive play dough archives for ways to play with it too!

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