Egg Carton Ocean Craft

Learn about sea creatures this summer with this egg carton ocean craft! A fun way to display beach treasures and to make an imaginative small world scene to play with too.Ocean in an egg carton craft for kids

The girls came up with an  idea to make a little under the sea scene in old egg cartons, using some shells and pebbles we collected on our last beach trip.

Together we set out everything they would need:

egg cartons

a range of blue paints and glitter glues

small shells and pebbles

coloured card

tissue paper

plastic gems

coloured foam sheets

glue and scissors

Materials for egg carton ocean craft

They painted the insides of their egg boxes, taking care to cover up all of the empty space until it was all covered. They then spread lots of glitter glue over the top to make it all sparkle!Ocean egg boxes

While the paint was drying they drew and cut out some little fish from coloured card and foam sheets, and I cut them some seaweed form green foam.Egg box ocean craft

Then they started to assemble their scenes, sticking fish on the back, seaweed at the front and sparkly pastil gems all over to add some more zing!Under the sea egg carton craft

They glued on some of the shells and pebbles we had collected from the beach. Miss 5 then decided she wanted some of her fish to be dangling from the top of the lid so it looked like they were swimming, so we stuck them with tape and sewing thread so they can twist and turn around.Egg carton under the sea craft

We are displaying them open on a shelf although the girls also want to close them up as surprises when we have visitors coming over, ready to amaze them when they open up! Egg carton ocean craft

Here they are altogether on display.Egg box oceans

We have lots of other beach and seaside related crafts and play activities here to choose from too!


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    I always have plenty of egg cartons in my craft cupboard, so was delighted to use them for making ocean scenes when we focussed on the long O sound a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the inspiration.


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