Lego Duplo Print Easter Egg Cards

Decorate simple Easter egg cards using Lego Duplo to make a lovely pattern and creative effect! A perfect printing tool for little hands to hold and manipulate easily, with satisfying results.Print Easter eggs with Lego Duplo

With Easter fast approaching we made some very simple yet pretty Easter egg shaped cards using one of our favourite art methods, printing! Printmaking is so satisfying for young artists and depending on the materials used can create a huge range of effects very easily.Invitation to print with Lego Duplo

One of our favourite materials to print with are large Lego Duplo blocks because they are so easy to hold, turn and manipulate for little hands. The resulting prints are very clear and can be nicely overlapped and built up when using a range of colours together.Printing with Duplo

We printed using a few different sized Duplo blocks dipped in pastel coloured paints, onto some co-ordinating coloured papers. They applied the blocks randomly, overlapping and rotating them as they did so. Printing with Lego Duplo

Once they were dry we cut them into Easter egg shapes and stuck them onto the front of white card to make some pretty cards to give to school and nursery friends for Easter!Lego print Easter eggs

Cakie: 5.7

Pop: 4.0

Bean: 2.1

What they are learning as they play:

creativity:  using materials to print, mixing colours, overlapping, rotating

maths: naming and describing 2D shapes

phse: making cards and gifts to give to others

physical: fine motor control and coordination

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  1. Tracey says

    Love your site! Just did this activity today with my two sons (3 yo and 15 mo). 3 yo giggled that he was getting the duplo blocks covered in paint while 15 mo stamped away on every side of the block creating his own crazy effect! Great fun followed by a bit of animal track stamping too!

  2. says

    Great idea, thanks, we’ll try during the weekend but with some self-made paints like jelly, kissel, etc. for more fun.