Pancake Making Pretend Play

Make a fun invitation to play with pretend pancake making ingredients! Lots of imaginative cooking play and playful literacy learning at the same time with this easy to set up activity.

Pancake making pretend play activity

Most of our Invitation to Play set ups stay simply as photographs o our Facebook page, but occasionally they are  enjoyed so much by the kids that I pop them into a post here on the blog for future reference. This was one of those activities which I set up for the girls last pancake day, and have got out again this week for them to enjoy as it was so much good fun!Felt pancakes for imaginative cooking play

On our chalk board table (any table top would do, just cover it with paper to draw on first), I made little stove top to make it into a pretend cooking area. Then we set out all the ingredients for pretend pancake making, and this took all of 5 minutes to throw together.

Pretend play pancake making activity

 In this set up we had:

yellow circles of felt to represent pancakes

an old egg box filled with  Wooden Play Eggs

jar of blue pom poms to represent blueberries

Wooden plates and cups

small mixing bowl

whisks and spoons

wooden juice and butter

Wooden frying pan and spoons

plastic bottle with flour inside (glue the lid on to keep it sealed)

plastic bottle with water and a squirt of white paint inside to represent milk (glue the lid on to keep it sealed)


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Pancake making imaginative role play area

As with all play invitations like this, I left it out for them to play and they got straight to it, mixing all the ingredients vigorously and whisking up a pretend pancake batter! They flipped the pancakes in the frying pan like they had seen us do at home together, adding blueberries on top to serve. Pop asked for maple syrup which we aded using an old container to pretend to pour from. They loved both the cooking aspect and the serving to others too, pretending to be waitresses at the pancake restaurant!

And I snuck in a little playful literacy by labelling all the items for them to match to and leaving out the chalk for them to make marks with if they chose to as well.

What they are learning as they play:

literacy: recognising words, decoding words, labelling items

creativity: imaginative play, using one object to represent another in play, role play

knowledge of the world: recipes, baking

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