Yarn and Bead Christmas Tree Craft

Set up a little invitation to create yarn wrapped christmas trees as a lovely festive craft with added fine motor skills benefits!Invitation to create yarn and bead wrapped Christmas trees

I set out a christmas craft activity for the kids using painted christmas tree shapes, cut from a cardboard box. Next to each I provided some sparkly, green yarn and a pot of beads. Later they added some large sequins and glue themselves!

Fine motor Christmas tree activity

Cakie was keen to thread the beads onto the yarn to create baubles (tree decorations),  so I helped by starting off the threading for her and she picked it up quite quickly.

Yarn and beads Christmas tree craft

When she had put on as many as she wanted we taped one end to the back of the card and she then wound the wool around the tree lots of times, keeping it tight as she did so. We secured the other end by taping it and it was finished!Yarn and bead wrap Christmas tree craft

Pop didn’t want to thread the beads so she started with the yarn wrapping, with a little help to keep it tightly wound. Then she chose to add some large sequins afterwards with PVA glue and a brush.

Yarn wrap Christmas tree activity

We added some pipe cleaner hangers to the top and they were all ready to hang on the tree or the wall as a Christmas decoration! They would also make a very cute Christmas tree card craft.

Yarn wrap Christmas tree craft

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Cakie: 5.3

Pop: 3.9

Bean: 1. 10

What they are learning while they play:

Motor skills: fine motor coordination, hand:eye coordination, threading, winding, keeping tension, sticking

Creativity: combining media, exploring textures