25 Creative Ways to use a Cardboard Box

Here are 25 creative ways to re-use and recycle a cardboard box into something fun to play and create with! From story boxes to puppet shows, treasure chests to car play mats, bunches of painted flowers to baby toys and preschooler maths games, there’s plenty of variety to choose from in this list!25 creative things to make with a cardboard box!

At this time of year there is always a huge load of excess packaging, mainly including cardboard boxes and lots of wrapping paper rolls! Before you throw them all away, here are 25 things you can turn them into together for play, learning and art activities at home or in the classroom. There are ideas for maths games, art and crafts, story telling, fine motor skills, early literacy prompts, musical instruments, gross motor activities, science and discovery and imaginative play. Pin your favourites from each individual post for future reference! Click the link to read each one:

Jack and the Beanstalk Box

Jack and the Beanstalk Box

Red Riding Hood Storytelling Box


Duck Pond Story and Singing Box

Duck pond story box

Castle for storytelling and small world play

Cardboard box castle

Post Box

Cardboard box post box

Homemade Baby and Toddler toys4+homemade+baby+and+toddler+toys+large

Maths Machine for counting and addition


Baby sensory crawl through tunnel

Baby crawl through sensory tunnel

Material pulling box for babies

Baby play material box

Birthday Tree Tradition

Birthday Tree

Cardboard Flowers


Small world play with blocks in a boxcardboard+box+town+small+world+play

Cereal Box House

Cereal box house

Cardboard tubes discovery box

Discovery Box tubes, tape and beans

Town and roads play mat

Town in a box play mat

Rain Stick Instrument


Glow in the dark caveGlow in the dark cave

Counting and Sorting box


Pirate Treasure Box

Pirate treasure box

Make a giant abacus


Egg Carton Measuring Game


Rolling down ramps discovery box

Ramps and chutes discovery box

Egg box colour sorting


Train tracks in a box


Fibre Optic Sensory Cave

Fibre optic sensory cave

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