Counting and Addition with Shapes and Spielgaben Set Giveaway!

Make an easy counting, sorting and addition game using shapes and homemade numeral cards for a playful, open-ended maths activity!Counting and Addition shapes game

I set out a maths activity for both of the bigger girls using the gorgeous wooden shapes from our Spielgaben educational toys set (you can read our full review of this wonderful product here.) I simply selected 6 different sets of the coloured 2D shapes and drew one of each colour onto a little piece of card, then placed them into the sections in one of our dip dishes (available from the party section in the supermarket and great for sorting activities!) Then I wrote the numerals 1-9 onto little pieces of card and placed those in the middle.

Counting and matching with shapes and numerals

Pop started off by simply choosing one numeral card and one shape card at random, then set about finding the correct number and colour of each shape to match. Sorting and counting with shapes game

She counted them out using 1:1 correspondence as she went (i.e. moving one object each time she counted to consolidate the learning.)

She moved on to adding together small sets of objects and finding the total amount.

Shape addition activity

Cakie started straight at this step, adding together small groups of the shapes after finding and counting out each corresponding set. She was quick to find the total amounts and selected the numeral card to represent this and placed it underneath the little scene.DIY number game with shapes

She continued this was 3 or more groups of shapes, finding the overall total and placing the answer card underneath. We had a go at subtracting some shapes too, using the same cards and this will definitely be the next step in progression for C.

Whilst they were playing there was a good chance to talk about the properties of the shapes and how we could distinguish them from one another. Some of the triangles look similar at first glance, but with more attention they are quite different! Of course they couldn’t resist making shapes and patterns with them as always, and enjoying how they tesselate (it’s so satisfying!)

Addition activity with shapes

You can read the rest  of our Playful Maths series here, to see lots of ideas for creative ways to learn in a hands-on way!

Would YOU like to win one of these GORGEOUS sets of quality, handmade, wooden educational toys? Well, Spielgaben have very kindly offered one set to a reader of The Imagination Tree!



Simply leave a comment below, making sure to use a valid email address as you do so, so that I can easily contact you! This giveaway open only to UK, USA and AUSTRALIA (I’m so sorry!) I would love to have this open world-wide but the postage costs of a set like this just make it impossible for the company.

GIVEAWAY ended now.

Spielgaben are also offering a code, just for readers of The Imagination Tree! If you wish to receive the code, follow this link to the contact page, add your details asking for the code and mentioning my site and they will send it directly to you to use!
The discount code is available to anyone in Australia, UK, Europe, Canada, USA and Singapore (Canada, Singapore and Europe outside of UK will have to add a small shipping fee.) This will bring the cost down from $405 AUS to $360 AUS, $385 US to $342 US and £241 to £214.
Update: November 27th: WINNER is KATE McKNIGHT! Congratulations! Spielgaben will be emailing you soon! 


  1. Sarah Brook says

    I love the spielgaben sets and find them fabulous to use in my school setting and with my nephews. So many open ended activities to see where children’s imagination and knowledge will take them.

  2. Kerry Hampson says

    Love the look of the Spielgaben set and this is a great example of how it can be used. Thanks!

  3. Amy says

    I love maths and this would be an amazing resource to share with children and their inquiring minds.

  4. Melissa Lemmons says

    That is a great activity to do with counting and addition. I’d love to have a Spielgaben set. The possibilities are so exciting.

  5. Claire F says

    I love the way you’ve combined the Spielgaben set with your own homemade cards and a supermarket-purchased tray. As always Anna, you’re very enterprising! I’d love a set so that I could do some of these great activities with my daughter too!

  6. Jessica I says

    WOW, incredible set! We’ve been looking for a maths-related set for my toddler as he is nuts about problem-solving right now. We would love love looooove to win this! Thanks for the marvelous opportunity!

  7. says

    Oh wow, these would be a dream come true for my four little ones! What a beautiful set. Thanks for the great idea and amazing opportunity!

  8. Sarah says

    Wow! This set is coming up all over the place and you clever people have such great ideas for using it! We would love to win one of these for our house.

  9. Sarah says

    These sets looks amazing – wish they’d been around when my 14 year old was younger, but would definitely be well used in this house with my younger daughter and any further children we have. I love this site full of interesting and educational activities to explore the world with our youngsters x

  10. Paula bertham says

    The children I care for would love this set, thank you for all your amazing idea’s we love you xx

  11. Kate Garrard says

    My children would love a set of this. Will keep the older two busy while I look after my new arrival.

  12. Louise says

    Wow, where to start with a set like this? I have so many ideas running around my head already. An amazing addition to anyone’s house. (let it be me!) :)

  13. says

    Oh my gosh, how I would love to win these for my kids! They look fantastic and I have read so many great reviews! This would be perfect for them!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  14. Tara K says

    This would be the perfect addition to my daughter’s home education! I love your site and Spielgaben.

  15. Jennie Garcia says

    Wow!! I love this!! My 4 year old is obssesed with counting! She would love this!
    TFS! Take Care!

  16. Sarah says

    Love this website! I even use ideas on here for my year 4 class (adapted of xourae!) as well as my little man! We would adore this set! Thanks for such a great give away!

  17. Donna Underwood says

    We would love love love to win this! My little girl would enjoy teaching and showing our twins how to do it! X

  18. Sarah says

    Love this website! I even use ideas on here for my year 4 class (adapted of course!) as well as my little man! We would adore this set! Thanks for such a great give away!

  19. Moranda Matthews says

    This set would provide the backbone for fun learning with my wonderful son. My husband and I are both Chartered Engineers and between us can think of lots of excellent ways to bring fun and creativity into technical learning. Would also be very useful material to have access to as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Ambassador. Taking the positive messages about Enginnering and all things mathematical to boys and girls of school age. Brilliant set!

  20. Cari Herrera says

    Wow! This is an absolutely gorgeous math set. Both my kids are very mathematical learners. They would get years of learning from this. Thank you!

  21. dawn weaver says

    Love your website and this set is amazing… my daughter loves shapes and counting she would have so much fun with this… i’m a childminder also so could have so much fun with this x

  22. Yoey says

    I have been lusting after a Spielgaben set for home since I first saw your review earlier this year and I have been talking to my daughter’s nursery about investing in one. Anything which helps parents give their children the gift of endless freeform, imaginative play has to be worth its weight in gold and I’m talking about both the product and this website x

  23. says

    I’m a Nana and would love to give to my daughter is going to be a home schooler and this would be a great aide.thank you for all your good ideas and suggestions.

  24. Julie says

    What a beautiful set and great idea on how to use it. Clicked over to your review and am impressed with the quality of these toys and the possibilities in how to use them would love to win one for my little boy!

  25. Jayne Green says

    Hi, I love your website and the wonderful activities you share.

    I’m totally sold on the Spielgaben sets and I would absolutely love to win one for my two little girls to enjoy. I’ll keep fingers and toes firmly crossed!

    Thank you for the ideas and the competition,

  26. Jo says

    Wow this would make our Christmas at our house – have been dreaming to being able to afford this set !

  27. Kate Thomas says

    I would LOVE one of these! Had my eye on them since you first posted pics of your set, but just can’t afford it right now :( Keeping my fingers crossed …

  28. Sarah says

    Think it’s time for a rebrand: you shall be known as The Giving Tree from now on! We would love a spielgaben set to play with x

  29. Chris-Anne says

    I’m pregnant with our first baby due end of Jamuary, this would be such an amazing prize to win.

  30. Tamara Lowndes says

    Oh gosh, what a fantastic prize. I know 28 children who would love these to help with their numeracy. Fingers crossed x

  31. Fiona Lambert says

    Love all the ideas on this site and trying to get my daughter into counting so this will be excellent. Love the set.

  32. Stephanie says

    This is a wonderful product! I wish I had something like this before for my preschool class. It would be an excellent choice for my own children as well. How fun it must be to design such amazing things for young growing minds! :)

  33. Katherine Aldis says

    I would love to win this set, it would be a great resource for my childminding business and my own children would love it too!

  34. Kristi Thompson says

    I’m soooooo excited about this giveaway!!! I LOVE this set, but can’t afford it right now. Thank you soo much for offering it and hope whoever the recipient is becomes so blessed by this wonderful gift.

  35. Laura Thomson says

    I love reading your blog and all the great ideas. It inspires me to find different ways to engage with my girls and to see them grow their understanding of the world. And their enthusiasm.

  36. says

    I absolutely love this toy collection and how versatile they are. The opportunities are so endless. We are currently saving for a set to expand on our childminding resources.

  37. Nadia says

    Oooh I would LOVE one of these for my kids for Christmas! Thanks btw for all your fantastic ideas :) x

  38. Nicki Mattey says

    I would love one of these sets for playgroup. We can make lots of use for lots of different activities.

    Fingers crossed.

  39. Veronica says

    Would love to win one of these sets! Would be torn between using it for school or keeping it at home for my little ones xx

  40. says

    Oh wow! I have a 2 year old who is absolutely obsessed with numbers and counting and shapes… he would love this! What a fantastic set, I have never seen anything like it.

  41. says

    How wonderful to offer such an amazing set of learning toys! This would be such a blessing to have for my 3 boys who are incredibly hands on when it comes to learning! Congrats to whoever wins this!

  42. Anne Seed says

    Fantabulous, this gorgeous set is beautiful. The shapes look like sweets-good enough to eat!!!! I bet they are incredibly tactile.

  43. says

    I have been in love with this after seeing all these fabulous blog posts showing all the neat activities you can do with it!!! Would just love it!!

  44. Sarah Fletcher says

    What an amazing set and a fantastic give away. Would love to win this as my 2 kids would so enjoy playing the games and activities you’ve shared. Thank you for your inspiration!

  45. Michelle Thompson says

    Such a great idea and such an inspiring product. Would love to win a set! Thanks for all your fab play ideas.

  46. Asaka says

    I love the idea of how you have introduced numbers using this beautiful set. Would love to win this for my children and friends!

  47. Janet says

    What a wonderful product! I just started working in a preschool special education class. They could learn so much from this product :)

  48. Wendy Marks says

    This set is amazing! I love to use natural wooden materials in the classroom. This set would be perfect and help us enhance our classroom math center and add some new activities to small group time :)

  49. Elle Feliz says

    This set would be fantastic for our homeschool. I am sure the kids would love all the possibilities.

  50. Shona Miles says

    We would love to receive this set! We’ve been trying out lots of activities from the site and my daughter has enjoyed them all, as have I!

  51. Jessie Field says

    The set looks so amazing, the possibilities are never ending!! We love your ideas Anna, thank you .

  52. Angie S. says

    I homeschool and we public school. My husband and I did not attend college. We are striving for our kids to get the best education they could possibly receive. We both believe this starts at home and highly stress education since no adults in our lives did. These sets are beautiful and would highly benefit our family and it’s learning environment!! Great site!

  53. Andrea stough says

    I would love to win this set to use for homeschooling my children and for use in my in home daycare.

  54. Becki says

    Would absolutely love to win these to use with my year two class (and my 3yo daughter too)! Thanks for the inspiration! X

  55. Helen says

    We would love to have one of these sets, our daughter’s maths would really benefit from a set like this!

  56. Nicole says

    What a fantastic idea! I can’t wait to try this out with my boys and the materials I have at home. Would love that set!!

  57. Rebecca says

    I thinknj would wrap this up for myself for Christmas! I have been wanting one of these sets for my girls since I first saw it here : )

  58. Christie Loving says

    I would love to win this for my gorgeous and super smart nephew who I love from afar. It would mean a lot to be able to get him something so special. Thank you for the oportunity.

  59. Celine says

    What a beautiful selection of math manipulatives. I loved seeing how your girls used the shapes and numbers to work out various problems.

  60. Paulette Cappell says

    Awesome set, encouraging creativity, autonomy, exploration and investigation, active learning and critical thinking!

  61. Dawn says

    We bought a set, but would love to win one for a Christmas gift for my best friend’s five kids who are home schooled.

  62. Louise says

    What a fantastic idea and one I will certainly be trying. Fabulous education set which any child would love!

  63. Michelle Cains says

    Wow! Another fabulous idea – so simple, yet so effective, and allowing creativity and exploration of critical concepts.

  64. Helen Stewart says

    Love the spielgaben set. Sadly outside our price range so great to have the chance to win one

  65. Megan Noon says

    I will definitely be using this during discovery time at school. Like so many of your ideas they are fantastic and so easy to make and the children love them! Thank you Imagination Tree for another fabulous idea!

  66. Alex says

    Tha js for all the lovely ideas. My daughter has special needs so it’s good to get some inspiration for ways to help her learn and access the world. The set looks AMAZING and beautiful. Crossing my fingers x

  67. Sairs says

    The Spielgarben set looks fantastic with so many opportunities for open ended play and learning. I love the shape and number activity, I’ll certainly be using that one.

    Fingers crossed!

  68. Jennifer says

    What a beautiful resource with infinite possibilities! I know my son would love it and get years of use from it.I’ve got my *fingers crossed* that we are selected!

  69. Denise Candelaria says

    This will be such a blessing for my kids to learn more. I’ll be praying for this miracle.

  70. Lynn Medland says

    What a wonderful box of delights. My mind is already racing about how I could use them in the classroom and at home.

  71. hayley says

    This is the first I have ever heard/seen of this, it looks amazing. A great gift for a child to enjoy maths.

  72. Mel says

    I have seen these on several blogs besides yours and think they would sure be wonderful for my children! Thank you!

  73. Suzanne Hagen says

    Your blog has given me so many wonderful things to do with my twin preschoolers! We would love to have this beautiful set!

  74. Helen says

    Thanks for this post. Looks like a great idea to try, I’ll have to improvise on the shapes though 😉 I’m new to your blog but loving it so far. Thank you.

  75. Lindsey says

    Thank you for such wonderful ideas! I’m a early years PGCE student & a mum to a little one. I love your site for inspiration at home & school! We made your molm sand for our small world as part of our space theme. would LOVE to win these!

  76. Marie says

    The first line says, “Make an easy counting, sorting and addition game using shoes and homemade numeral cards…” This intrigued me, which is why I clicked through to read the rest. But it turns out this activity does not use shoes. :( Was that first line actually meant to say “shapes”?

  77. Chi says

    We just love these Spielgaben sets, it would be awesome to have one for our daughter! Thank you for a great blog too!

  78. says

    I would love to have a Spielgaben set for my son! So many learning opportunities would await us with a set like this! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas too!:)

  79. Henkela says

    What a fantastic set – so many possibilities! … and a wonderful website too, Anna! Great job and thank you.

  80. Ellie says

    Your site is always so inspiring, thank you for all your hard work putting it all together I regularly use loads of your ideas with my little ones. What am amazing giveaway too!

  81. says

    I am leaving teaching to homeschool my son and I would love one of these to kick start our homeschooling career! What an amazing resource and fabulous ideas, thank you :-)

  82. Helen says

    I would love to win this! I have three little boys who would love them! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed!

  83. Tracey says

    Thank you.. Can use in class and at home with my own kids!! Simple, yet such a great learning tool!

  84. Natalie says

    I love your amazing but simple ideas on here. Thank you for sharing them all! The Spielgaben set looks like an incredible resource to have.

  85. Melanie Hunter says

    As a primary school teacher I love this activity but love the competition even more! Fingers crossed! Thanks always for your amazing ideas.

  86. Kate says

    I find your ideas a great source of inspiration for my own children and the EAL children at school. I have even used some of the ideas with an after school group that I help to run – Thank you so much.

  87. Cathy says

    A very inspiring set. I can think so so many ways this could be used and am sure the children would come up with many more. It would be a great addition to our family day care resource library.

  88. Juliane H says

    The Spielgaben set looks amazing! Btw, thank you for your inspirational website – my little preschool boy and I have so much fun stirring up new play dough (with tons of glitter) using your play dough recipe :)

  89. Celia Sharman says

    I would so love this set for my little ones, it’s just so versatile and beautiful in every way. Anna, such wonderful ideas for its use, thank you for sharing. Fingers crossed!

  90. Becky Brown says

    Such a simple but fun learning idea. Thank you for introducing me to a great range of educational toys. I have two little boys that would love to explore them!

  91. Sarah says

    This set looks amazing, I’m a childminder and I’m sure it would be used daily by the children of all ages in my care. Please include me in the draw. Thank you.

  92. says

    wow thats a lot of comments! It really is a fab educational toy though, i have been contemplating one for Goblin but can’t quite bring myself to spend the money.

  93. Abi Hall says

    Brilliant page with brilliant ideas. Would love to win this set, looks amazing, as do your activities x

  94. Amy says

    What a wonderful open-ended learning resource. I would absolutely love to win this beautiful set for my daughter!!!

  95. says

    What a wonderful concept. We are about the begin the journey if school, and this is beginning to sound quite essential!

  96. Debbie says

    Wow, I’ve looked at this set often and think it’s absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a great educational tool.

  97. Victoria says

    Some brilliant, simple ideas here! I am busy telling everyone about how useful this blog is not to mention inspiring and full of easy ideas! Would love to win!

  98. Tess says

    Love all your ideas, can always find something great to do for my little ones. And would love the set as there are so many possibilities for play and learning. Would love, love, love this.

  99. julesP says

    Dear Father Christmas, please send me a wonderful Spielgaben set. I promise to be good for ever more!

  100. Laura Cook says

    Love this and get so many fab ideas from The Imagination Tree to use in my early years class. Fingers crossed :-)

  101. Rowan Webley says

    I would LOVE to win one of these. I’m a childminder with 3 children under 3, and could spend hours having fun with all these activities x

  102. Katie W says

    I absolutely love this Spielgaben set, it offers endless amounts of learning opportunities for children of all ages and really encourages children to think critically and creatively. Open ended resources like this bring out the best in children! I only wish I had one : )

  103. Di Hancock says

    School would be so grateful for a chance to win .. thank you. Thanks, also, for your amazing and informative site, I get so many ideas from you.

  104. Ashley Frew says

    Love this website. Have used a lot of your ideas and the above resource looks so exciting and amazing.

  105. Charlotte rose says

    I love this selection of shapes and colours and Iam sure my daugther and her friends with.

  106. Beth Riley says

    Maths so often gets left behind literacy in the home environment! What a wonderful way to explore number and shape together!! I love the look of these sets :)

  107. Tammy S says

    What a wonderful set! I was delighted to see that the set can be sent to Australia, what a pleasure it would be to have one in our home! So many possibilities for fun and education!

  108. OneOffOrdinary says

    Wow! I can see so many uses for these both for my three year old but also these could be great for my 5 year old who has cerebral palsy and often struggles with items that may be slippy plastic.

  109. says

    Your site has been such an inspiration to myself, our staff team and friends of the Pre-school. Thank you for the wonderfully creative ideas. We look forward to carrying out lots more of the activities and sharing them with the children’s families.

  110. Allegra Glynn says

    You really have the best ideas, I can’t wait to try this one out! The shape set looks amazing, I know my son would love it!

  111. Becky Wise says

    Wow, an amazing set, with lots of potential uses that will last ages. We would love to win one.

  112. Cola Whitworth says

    As a fellow EYFS teacher and now full time mummy, this is the stuff of dreams. I am desperate for this set and to get back to my Montessori roots!

  113. Natalie Wallace says

    I am home educating my daughters and the Imagination Tree is a great source of inspiration for us. Thank you!

  114. Andrea Reid-Kelly says

    What a fabulous, multi-faceted resource. I’d love to let my daughters and my class (special needs children) get hold of it!

  115. Naomi Sharp says

    I would just love to have one of the Spielgaben sets for not only to use @ home with my four year old but also to use with the children in my junior kindergarten classroom.

  116. Shona Byron says

    Love your site soooo much!
    My daughter and I were threading pipe cleaners into colanders and putting tissue paper shapes on our home made light box today.
    Thank you for sharing your great ideas.

  117. says

    A devoted fan from Australia. I would love this set for my grand children. I love imagination tree and seeing Cakie, Poppi and bean growing up. Hope I get lucky.

  118. Rachel Hentschke says

    What a fabulous competition! Would love a set to use at home with my 17 month old and at school with the 3-5year olds I teach at our Early Learning Centre. Such a diverse tool.

  119. Adriana says

    This homeschooling mumma of 4 from Australia would totally loooove and appreciate this prize. Thanks so much for the chance of winning it, and for sharing your amazing ideas. Have a great day!!

  120. Hannah says

    What a great resource! Me and my girls would love love love this! Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity, Anna! Bless you Hannah xx

  121. Mary Beth Galloway says

    I am in love with this set! Can’t tell you how excited it makes me. Will out it to great use with all my boys if I win. Thanks!!

  122. Harriet Kaye says

    My gosh, I would be so excited if I won this for my setting (I’m a Childminder), I might have to close for the day so I can play with it before the children get their hands on it! I’ve seen so many wonderful ways to play with this set by looking at yours and others’ blogs. Fingers crossed!

  123. Jenny O says

    Absolutely love this set, my daughter and boys absolutely love maths (as do I). This would be a great resource for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  124. says

    Hi! I am a Family Day Care Educator I would love to win this set as the children have so many diverse ways of learning with it. I love your blog I get so many interesting ideas from you.

  125. Tracy Curley says

    I love this idea and can think of so many ways to use it for my Kindys. Unfortunately our budget is quite small so Id have to use foam shapes. However, winning the wooden set would be great but after scrolling through so many comments I think my luck would have to improve dramatically

  126. Jessica says

    Love this easy and educational idea. I also love the Spielgaben set it looks like a great addition for anyone.

  127. Caroline says

    Oh my…this prize would be fantastic. My 2 children and I would love and cherish it! Find your posts inspiring.

  128. Etta says

    This is a great idea I used the concept in my assessment I’m training to be a teacher and would absolutely love to have it !!

  129. says

    What a great resource particularly for children with special needs and children who learn best when using kinesthetic materials. As a teacher studying special education and being a parent with child special needs would be such a blessing!

  130. Jo H says

    Wow! What a fabulous giveaway! I’ve had my eye on Spielgaben for a while, but sadly it is outside our budget. Would love to win one! :)

  131. Erica says

    LOVE The Imagination Tree & LOVE Spielgaben! This would be an absolute dream prize for my little ones!
    Everything crossed that it magically appears under our Christmas tree this year! :) x

  132. Steph clay says

    I love your ideas, they fill me with inspiration for work (Childcare) and at home with my own children. I love the sets! And have lots of ideas for play and learning!

  133. Rosa says

    Would loved this set for some of my students that struggling to learn how to count. this will provide a fun and invited way to gain such important skill. thank you so much for all that your web site is doing to make learning fun and interesting.

  134. Lorna Cooke says

    My little boy would love this. He loves numbers and shapes. It’s also the tried and tested method of distraction when he gets upset.

  135. Rhonda Bland says

    I know just the perfect little person that would LOVE this! What a neat and fun way to learn!

  136. says

    Wow! Amazing set and would love to be able to use something like this at home with my little guy. Lots of ways to explore and create! Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  137. Rachel LW says

    We would be so excited to use this set as part of our homeschool preschool for our daughter, niece and nephew! The tactile learning and connecting is invaluable. My girl was pretending to be a triangle today! 😉

  138. says

    I’ve seen this learning play set on many blogs and I love it! Just don’t have that much extra money lying around to get one. Would love to win it as I know everyone else does!

  139. Naomi says

    Oh, oh, oh! Me, me, me! Please, please, please!

    Or do I have to put a really sensible-but-flattering-comment here? lol and kidding! (I do really want the prize though. For my kids. Honestly! And I’m in Australia!)

  140. Jennifer Crawford says

    That is an amazing set and very generous offer from the company. I’m a kindergarten teacher in a poor district so any help at all is a major coup for me! :-) Thank you for all of your amazing tips and ideas; I look forward to trying them in my own classroom. And I also look forward to doing it using THIS comprehensive set! :-)

  141. Sarah Synnott says

    Oh wow!! the diffidult choice will be to keep it at home for my children or take it into the classroom!! Awesome giveaway!

  142. Laura says

    What a great idea! I love the never ending opportunities with this activity. The Spielgaben materials look unbelievably inviting. Thank you for sharing!

  143. Shannon says

    Spielgaben is such an amazing tool for early learning! The possibilities for discovery are limitless!! I’m a retired preschool teacher, a mama of six, a playgroup leader, and a group fitness instructor for mothers and children together. This beautiful set would get a lot of use!!

  144. Quinta says

    I will use this set to teach my 3 & 4 year old toddlers basic math concepts and get them over the initial hump in understanding addition and subtraction.

  145. Jeanne Larson says

    I have been admiring this set ever since the first time I saw it. I would love to be able to use it with my daycare children!

  146. Catherine says


    I love your website and have found it so inspirational for the Family Day Care program that I have recently set up. The icing on the cake would be to own one of these beautiful Spielgaben sets and incorporate it into the children’s play activities – whoever said learning isn’t fun was wrong, wrong, wrong!!

  147. Beth Sola says

    The learning opportunities are endless!! Thank you or all your wonderful ideas that make teaching and learning fresh and fun!!

  148. Jemma says

    Long time reader, first time poster! Other than being excited about this competition and thinking these sets are amazing, I must say that I use the content on your blog to entertain my nieces, toddler and her friends all the time! Today we used your recipe for easy homemade paint which was a great success. Thanks for sharing all the great creative play ideas :)

  149. Jen Koclanis says

    I have wanted this set and am a preschool teacher! Thank you for this awesome give away!! What a blessing this would be to a preschool classroom. So many possibilities!

  150. Esther says

    I love following all your activities and TRYING to replicate them. I’d love to try out this game if only I had a set of Spielgaben!

  151. Farrah Guice says

    This set is soo wonderful! I have always admired it and would love share this w/my daughter, her cousin and friends when they come over to play. Many pieces to it all where they can all be playing together on their own.

  152. Peg Bateman says

    You may wish to correct the display. I see 4 blue shapes instead of 2.

    I do like your website.

  153. Veronica says

    This would be amazing! My 5 year old son loves learning games like this one and the set would be a perfect Christmas gift :)

  154. says

    Hello. My preschoolers would love a set of Spielgaben for hours of playtime and discovery. This is the best quality, handmade, wooden educational toy that have hours and hours of discoveries. This reply is the lucky number. Thank you for all the fun and exciting activities you bring to teachers, parents and families. I love it!!!

  155. Rachel says

    These look lovely! My daughter has just started showing interest in counting and this would help heaps!

  156. Lourdes says

    Great idea.. definitely something that is essential in beginning math concepts. Thanks for the chance to get one through your giveaway :)

  157. Almut says

    What an aesthetically pleasing and versatile set! It would get alot of mileage in our house- not only for my daughter to play with it home, but also for me to take to work for the children at our Preschool!

  158. Nicole Gold says

    This set is amazing!I know it will provide so many wonderful learning activities for my son.I wanted to purchase it but haven’t been able to because of my budget.I would be unbelievably grateful if my comment was selected and I could give this to my babe for his birthday.

  159. Sarah says

    I can’t believe how many brill ideas you’ve been able to get out of a set, it looks like a great product.

  160. Kate says

    How wonderful. My daughter would get so much out of a set like this, there are so many possibilities for play and learning.

  161. Kate says

    When I first saw this set I couldn’t believe the endless
    possibilities it gives when children are exploring through
    play. I loved it so much that I put it on my wish list for Christmas!

  162. Meech says

    We’ve been eyeing off this set for a while but it’s out of our price range unfortunately… we would LOVE to win it!

  163. Rebecca D says

    Star light, star bright,
    The first star I see tonight,
    Wish I may, wish I might,
    Grant the wish I wish tonight!!!
    …. My two children and I are crossing fingers, toes (and even our eyes!) as we make a wish for a gorgeous Spielgaben set to play and learn with together.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity – and the endless inspiration on your site.

  164. Elizabeth Rowland says

    This set looks so amazing….. Thank you for the money off code- will be sure to use it!!!!

  165. Cazza says

    No surprise that this is a very popular giveaway. I’ve worked in primary schools for ten years, mostly in reception classes and can see the real possibilities with this set. I’d love to have one, not for school, but for my toddler who would adore it!

  166. Lorelei S says

    Wow, would love this set. Am homeschooling the kiddos and this would be a great addition to our curriculum!

  167. Lucia Lopez says

    As an Early Years teacher and mum of a 2 and a half years old boy I would definitively would love to try this wonderful resource with them! Thanks for sharing it!

  168. Sally Beets says

    Wow, can’t believe how many people have commented!! This would be perfect for my reception class – would help so much with things that they are struggling with. Xx

  169. jenny hood says

    such a good idea, I would love to win this set for my preschool children they could do so much with it.

  170. Emma says

    Fabulous set, another great post. Started saving for this when I saw a previous post using Spielgaben, so I’d be silly not to enter!

  171. says

    We are big fans of the open-ended approach to learning at our Nursery. So we have saved all our pennies and got some help from parents to purchase one set. But ALAS! We have two settings! A second set would enable all of our children to benefit from the amazing learning opportunities this set offers. Please pick us! x

  172. Kristie says

    I have recently found your site and am excited to try some of the maths ideas with my children. Thanks for the chance to win a set of those gorgeous toys!

  173. says

    Great Aussie product (ah I’m a bit biased!) This would be a great learning tool for family day care, with children’s ages from 0-13, the children all do activities together and it would be great for the littlies to learn from and with the school aged kids. Many more learning applications with the set as well I would say :)

  174. Melissa Thompson says

    What a beautiful set, which opens the doors to so much learning and play. We would love to win!!

  175. Charlotte Ward says

    Thank you so much for doing the giveaway. This set has so many wonderful uses and would provide hours of learning fun. My children would relish the chance to engage with all these shapes and colours. Thank you Imagination Tree once again for so many brilliant ideas of activities to share with our kids you do a great job. keep up the good work!

  176. Sal says

    What a great giveaway! With a toddler, new baby on the way and a Year 1 class to teach, I know I would get lots of use out of this set. Thanks for all the great ideas, I love your blog.

  177. Justine Fuller says

    Love, love, love imagination tree have and will continue to recommend to my friends here in Australia

  178. Kathryn says

    I would love to have this to use with my grandchildren. We love doing the activities on your website.

  179. Kirsty says

    What a superb giveaway. I’m sure you’ll have so many entries the chances will be close to that of winning the lottery :)

  180. Emma C says

    It looks like such a gorgeous set and learning tool – what a generous giveaway, thank you to Spielgaben for the chance to win one!

  181. Rachael holland says

    Wow! So many ides buzzing right now. Would love this set to create some fun for my kids :) I love your site & use it at school and at home with my own kids. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

  182. says

    I get up every morning hoping that you have posted another wonderful page on your web site. I can’t wait to get to school to show my little ones and their reactions. You make teaching a joy! Thank you!

  183. Andrea Warner-Lee says

    I love this website! The ideas are outstanding and simple to achieve. I am a reception class teacher and the children love the ideas that I take from here and put into their classroom. They would adore the Spielgaben Set!

  184. Candice says

    This site has made play time with my daughter and son much more enjoyable for all involved! I look forward to every post and am excited to see that Spielgaben are being so generous!

  185. Sarah says

    What a lovely set to use for many years to come! The possibilities are endless with my kindergarten students and small children:)

  186. Louisa says

    Great idea, I love all your playful maths posts, maths is not one of my strengths but I really want to help my daughter (5) enjoy it from early on. Would love to win!

  187. sharon says

    A colourful and thought provoking way to keep a childs interest in learning aspects of maths through numbers, shape space and measure.

  188. Claire says

    Lovely, lovely idea, as usual, for learning through play.

    We home educate our kids (youngest is 4) and I really enjoy your posts on ‘fun’ learning – it makes all the difference!

    Please keep up the inspirational work!

    Best wishes,


  189. Mellie says

    Oh…this would be perfect for my little girl, who just turned one yesterday. I’ve been giving her broad beans and peas from the garden to sort, but this set would be just amazing.

  190. Danielle Sidmore says

    This looks great, my 5 1/2 year old has no interest in me teaching her “plain” math concepts and I need to get creative with her, this would be great!

  191. says

    I would love to have this amazing resource and tuse it with my reception class. I have followed your blog with increasing excitement and anticipation to see what lovely ideas you come up with next. Congratulations on your lovely blog!

  192. Gail says

    Your blog is nothing short of inspiring! Lovely ideas and beautifully presented. This Spielgaben set looks fantastic. Lucky person who wins it!!

  193. says

    Oh I have been dreaming of having one of these since you first wrote about it. I think I would love it as much as the children.

  194. Shauna says

    Throw my name in the hat! Looks like an amazing set with so many possibilities. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! Really enjoy your blog.

  195. Jen says

    Please enter us into the draw! Such a fabulous resource – would be great to own one. Thank you for the chance!

  196. Sharon says

    This maths set is absolutely fantastic. It is so open ended and you can do so much with it. I would recommend sets of these for every school, nursery, playgroup and home!

  197. Rebecca Rhodes says

    Thanks Anna for all your inspiration. I struggled with maths at school, it doesn’t come naturally to me. Hopefully lots of early number games and exploration will give my son a more natural grasp of the subject.

  198. Faye Seward says

    My little boy is due to start school next September & will only just be 4 years old. This activity will be fantastic preparation for him, but fun & engaging at the same time.

  199. Christine says

    What a fantastic learning tool! The preschool children would love this. They use our large blocks to count while they build. This would give them a chance to expand their learning and creativity.

  200. Fiona says

    We’d love one of these dropped down our chimney this year, Father Christmas. My favourite children’s blog, thank you and keep up the good work.

  201. Elizabeth says

    Amazing set with a plethora of activities you could do. Would keep my girls entertained for hours. Keep up the good work as your ideas give such inspiration.

  202. Lindsay O'Neil says

    Hi Anna! What a clever use for the set! We would be thrilled to have one of our own… Fingers crossed!!
    Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  203. Shanon Byrne says

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I just recently found your website and felt like I won a prize already! This set is truly beautiful!

  204. Melanie says

    I use your website for planning activities for preschool. I am sure I am not the only one!! Hope I get lucky enough to take these to preschool!!

  205. Nikki says

    Beautiful toy, like a nursery in a box. Fingers and toes crossed and trying to ignore the million comments above mine.
    Being optimistic

  206. Gina says

    I would love to have this set – its way out of my price range but would but such a fun learning tool to have!

  207. Faye Hall says

    Wow what fantastic educational toys. Just looking at the pictures gives me great inspiration for lots of activities with the children in my setting. It would be fantastic to win a set.

  208. Sarah Donald says

    These sets are great. As a mum to two boys and an Early Years teacher myself I can think of a thousand ways to use them. Many thanks for all your great posts and ideas.

  209. Tina Summerlee says

    We have used many of your great ideas at work with our children and this maths set would be great for so many of our children 2 help them learn

  210. Nikki says

    My eyes lit up when I saw the opportunity to win this lovely set of resources! Wonderful website Anna, very inspiring. Thank you.

  211. Ibet Allan says

    What makes Spielgaben magical is that the child takes the lead – open ended – to allow a child’s powerful brain to explore and create using a well designed product with endless possibilities. My children tend to play best with loose parts and I love watching the stories unfold….

    Thanks for another great idea.

    We’ll be holding thumbs!

  212. Louise R says

    Gorgeous resources and a wonderful idea of how to use them! :-) I have a set on order (been saving up – definitely worth the investment as I can’t think of any other item my little boy would get use out of until he’s 12!) but would be absolutely incredible to give this as a gift to my two wonderful nephews for them to use, too! Will be adapting this for my year 4 class, when my spielgaben resource arrives :-) x

  213. Vicky Dunkley says

    What a fantastic resource, full of opportunities to help your child play and learn. I would LOVE one of these.

  214. Joanne Lewis says

    What a fabulous open ended resource that can be used in so many ways, numeracy, literacy, discussion, creativity. I could go on for ages. I would so love one of these sets for my children.

  215. Leah Kelly says

    This set looks fantastic. The possibilities for play and learning would be endless and I imagine my son would get years of use out of this.

  216. Susan says

    What an unbelievably creative kit! The possibilities are endless of what to do with it!!! How cool!

  217. Alex says

    Ooh yes please. Let it be me! These sets look amazing, I’d love to win this for my kids. Fingers crossed.

  218. Melissa says

    I have 78 little children who would absolutely love this set, the possibilities are endless. Please let it be us.

  219. Kirsty says

    As a mum of two and a relatively new childminder I constantly refer to your site for inspiration, ideas and confirmation that i am playing in the right direction! This would be an amazing addition to my home.

  220. Donna Redgewell says

    Your website has really opened up new ways of approaching learning and creativity for my little girl and I. Thank you.

  221. Samantha says

    This would be a beautiful addition to our learning and play resources to educate my son. Thanks for your inspiration :)

  222. Angela Munn says

    I am so thrilled that I stumbled across your website. It’s provided me with loads of great ideas. I’ve already shared it with friends. Thank you.

  223. gillian sandall says

    This looks like the best was to tackle the world of maths! Would love to have a set like this to assist the boys in their journey into the formal learning years. Love the site too.

  224. Tel says

    Ooh! This set looks like so much fun and open ended learning. I would love to win it for the children I look after.

  225. Lindsey says

    This would be a great Christmas present for my boys! If I don’t win I will at least encourage the grandparents to help fund this set. Thanks for all your fabulous ideas! I use them daily.

  226. Mary Dean says

    I remember a teacher having something like this and we all loved playing with it for so many different activities. This would be incredible to have and use with my students! I can also see the application on many activities with elderly clients.

  227. Natalie says

    Love this blog! My boy is not quite old enough for most of the activities, but I’ve been archiving them all, so that I can easily search through them when we’re ready. Thanks so much for coming up with great ways to entertain our kids that don’t involve electronics!

  228. Bee says

    Fabulous. I’m a mature NQT of a reception class. I think I would have as much, if not more fun, than the children with this. The only limitation I can see, is my imagination. How wonderful! X

  229. Kathy Lorenz says

    I am SO excited to have a chance to win a Spielgaben set. I want this so much but simply don’t have the money to get it right now. I would love to use this in my preschool class and I love the activities you posted. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  230. Karen Joyce says

    What a fabulous way to teach my 2 and 4 yr. olds. Of course, I will be playing too……………!!! We have our fingers crossed!!

  231. allie says

    I’ve seen this company pop up more and more in my blog hoppings and I’m officially convinced that we will need to purchase these should we pursue homecoming for our three daughters. All the reviews here and elsewhere on the web make it seem like it is fun and nearly “accidental” learning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them!

  232. Bel says

    We had our 1st parents’ evening at our daughter’s preschool tonight & went to a workshop about early maths. It was fascinating! It feels like kismet to discover this offer (while browsing & feeding my new baby). Please let this lovely shapes set be ours :) x

  233. Cameron says

    This is an amazing set. After your last beautiful post on it, I shared it with my husband and have put it on my dream list for our little boy. Not sure we’ll ever be able to get it so this is quite an incredible opportunity. Thank you for making someone very happy!

  234. melissa says

    Thank you. I love your site. Maths is not a strength in our house, so i often refer to your maths and counting ideas. I also love your creative ideas, and try to implement as many as possible.
    Thank you again for all the great ideas.

  235. Simone says

    A beautiful set of resources. Natural materials & open ended exploration. What more could we ask for?

  236. daniel tomlinson says

    this is a fantastic prize! I would love my 2 year old son to have this! I have my fingers crossed :-)

  237. Cath Rymell says

    Wow! Absolutely love this but a bit out of our price range so would be made up if we won. When I asked my little boy what he would make with this he said a triangle volcano and some circles of smoke (he is 4). So much scope here for open ended imaginative and educational play.

  238. Alaina says

    Wow, what a lot of comments! This is, as usual, a great activity, and one I know my son would enjoy. The Spielgaben equipment would be a great investment, if we could afford it right now. Thank you for all your lovely ideas. :)

  239. Chui King Li says

    Would so love this beautiful, timeless set. I can imagine it providing endless playtime fun for several generations!

  240. Sarah says

    Wow!! Such an amazing prize! I love love love this set and would love to win, both me and my toddler would be over the moon!

  241. lorna says

    Awesome set, maybe I would have enjoyed maths if i’d ever had the chance to learn about it this way. I’d love the opportunity to explore all its possibility with my son and his friends.

    Great website too. We often take inspiration from your facebook posts.

    thank you

  242. Holly Hill says

    This set looks fantastic! So many learning opportunities available. I am a nursery teacher and would love to share this quality set with my little people! Thank you for posting such lovely ideas…love your page! :-)

  243. Abi Howell says

    OOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh! Here’s hoping! The winner will be over the moon with this prize! xXx

  244. says

    Love your simple and educational ideas! Would love to do this with my daughter. Gorgeous set! Could totally see using this set in my sign language classes as well, especially at our natural parenting boutique. Fun fun!

  245. Cherine says

    Wow, what a fabulous idea! I am a new mum, and a early childhood educator. Can’t wait to use this idea with my little man one day, and my students when I head back to work!

  246. Lois Mikeal says

    I would love to use these sets with my four-year old preschoolers.I enjoy The Imagination Tree so much.

  247. Lauren says

    Wow what a giveaway! Mr 2.5 spends all day counting, recognising numbers and letters and sorting at the moment (all of which excites me as a teacher! :-) ) so this set would be much loved! Thankyou!

  248. Heidi Williams says

    I first saw this set on your blog and have been coveting it ever since would so love to win it!


  249. I Alvez says

    I enjoy receiving e-mails with creative ideas to teach my children to explore and learn while they are having fun. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us.

  250. Kate Florentine says

    These have been on my ‘wish’ list for quite some time! I would love to win them to be used at my family day care!

  251. says

    Thank you Anna for the opportunity to win a Spielgaben set. This is on my wishlist to share with the children in my family day care setting in Australia.

  252. Jessica Wong says

    I’ve been dreaming of owning a set for my preschooler & toddler ever since reading all the great reviews about it :)

  253. Elizabeth Scott says

    This is such a beautiful gift and a very generous give away. We adore wooden toys and I know a certain 4 year old and little 2 year old in our home would have hours of fun exploring and investigating all the many different shapes, colours and textures in this set. We adore your web site, your fantastic posts and amazing ideas you come up with for learning for our kids. Keep up the good work x

  254. Emma Scott says

    I saw this previously on your site and thought how fab it looked. Like everyone else I think this would be such a wonderful addition to our home and the possibilities are endless!
    Thank you.

  255. Kara says

    Oh my word!! I would ADORE one of these sets! They’re so gorgeous, but out of our price range. What an exciting giveaway!!

  256. Cathy says

    Just found your website via a friend and am amazed. My baby is only four weeks old but I am bookmarking your site in advance and getting loads of ideas for learning through play! Thank you so much!

  257. Sophie says

    My children and the children I child mind would have such endless learning and play opportunities with these. They look incredible! How I would love to own these. I’ve been overhauling all my resources to more natural items. These would be perfect! What an amazing site you have.x

  258. Antonia says

    These sets look absolutely fabulous! I really enjoying reading your blog, so many great ideas – thanks and keep up the good work :)

  259. Fionnagh says

    I always find your ideas inspirational – and my nursery class love the activities.
    I would love a set to use with them.

  260. Catrin says

    Think the set looks wonderful – it would be a great resource! Loads of brilliant ideas on the blog – gives me inspiration! many thanks

  261. Julia says

    Refreshing to see a non-screen based, simple, allowing imagination, & educational “game”. Learning is natural when it is play based.

  262. Martyn says

    I often look at your site when my wife is at work for inspiration on what to do with my boys, this set looks amazing and would love to win.

  263. Ros Scott-Mackenzie says

    So glad I found your website – so many creative fun ideas. This set looks AMAZING!! What a great giveaway.

  264. Maria Raaff says

    Hi there, What a fabulous giveaway! I have coveted these ever since I saw them on your site but they are so not within our budget. My daughter and mindees would love these for many years to come.

  265. Susan says

    I would love this set to use with my kids – it is beautiful. Thanks for your site and the ideas it gives me :)

  266. Louisa says

    My teenage daughter is tutoring a boy who is having trouble with the theoretical processes of maths – this set would help us to give him concrete practice – & have some fun games too!

  267. Deanna says

    Such a simple, clever idea. I love that set of manipulatives…my fingers are itching to play with them!

  268. Rachelle Lee says

    Hi Anna, you’re such an inspiration! My kids would love to have this set for christmas. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  269. Marie Woolman says

    Wow, this set looks amazing, I know this would get my son engaged in early maths activities, he is almost 4.

  270. Melissa says

    I would be absolutely elated to be the winner of the Spielgaben set. Such an amazing addition to a child’s learning environment. Even if I don’t win the set though, I just want to say thanks for the amazing work you do on this site, Anna. It’s been such an inspiration to me and my life with my now 5 year old. So… Thanks!:-D

  271. Christina Spencer says

    What a fantastic toy! Would love this for my daughter and an addition to our homeschool! :)

  272. ELENI VENARDOU says

    I am currently studying about Froebel!!! I am so amazed by the toys this man introduced so many years ago!
    I would love to have these toys in my collection and share it with my children in the nursery where I work. :-)

  273. M Rahman says

    Always enjoy coming on here to find new ideas to use in my classroom (one of which was the adding machine which i’ve got out for next week!) This idea would’ve been great too. Would love to add this to my collection! X

  274. Hannah Atkinson says

    I’d love to receive this for my son and I to play with and for him to learn math along the way is an added bonus! Thank you

  275. Jo Winstanley says

    Love this! Maths was never my strong point so I’m planning on making Maths fun for my little boy instead of being a struggle or him. Would love to win a spielgaben set!

  276. Jessica Hoover says

    This would be a great way to continue education in our home with our daughter! What a great, hands on and play based way to learn !

  277. Karen Ray says

    This gorgeous set of learning materials makes the little girl voice in me scream, “I want to PLAY!!” So creative and very colorful. Lots of imaginative play here! I would love to set my hands free into these textures, colors and shapes and see what happens!! :)
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this, in advance.

  278. Liesel says

    Wow what an amazing set and I love your idea for the activity. I can imagine using this idea even if I don’t win the set.

  279. Jenn says

    Oh, this is such a great giveaway. We are struggling with math right now, and I think these manipulatives would help my first grader a ton.

  280. despina says

    Love your ideas, always truly inspiring!!! We would love to have the set, although we live in Greece. How about us paying for the shipping cost, in case we are the very lucky ones? thank you so much

  281. Naomi says

    What a fantastic resource. I can think of so many ways to use this with my little one, but also with my 9 year old.