Counting and Addition with Shapes and Spielgaben Set Giveaway!

Make an easy counting, sorting and addition game using shapes and homemade numeral cards for a playful, open-ended maths activity!Counting and Addition shapes game

I set out a maths activity for both of the bigger girls using the gorgeous wooden shapes from our Spielgaben educational toys set (you can read our full review of this wonderful product here.) I simply selected 6 different sets of the coloured 2D shapes and drew one of each colour onto a little piece of card, then placed them into the sections in one of our dip dishes (available from the party section in the supermarket and great for sorting activities!) Then I wrote the numerals 1-9 onto little pieces of card and placed those in the middle.

Counting and matching with shapes and numerals

Pop started off by simply choosing one numeral card and one shape card at random, then set about finding the correct number and colour of each shape to match. Sorting and counting with shapes game

She counted them out using 1:1 correspondence as she went (i.e. moving one object each time she counted to consolidate the learning.)

She moved on to adding together small sets of objects and finding the total amount.

Shape addition activity

Cakie started straight at this step, adding together small groups of the shapes after finding and counting out each corresponding set. She was quick to find the total amounts and selected the numeral card to represent this and placed it underneath the little scene.DIY number game with shapes

She continued this was 3 or more groups of shapes, finding the overall total and placing the answer card underneath. We had a go at subtracting some shapes too, using the same cards and this will definitely be the next step in progression for C.

Whilst they were playing there was a good chance to talk about the properties of the shapes and how we could distinguish them from one another. Some of the triangles look similar at first glance, but with more attention they are quite different! Of course they couldn’t resist making shapes and patterns with them as always, and enjoying how they tesselate (it’s so satisfying!)

Addition activity with shapes

You can read the rest  of our Playful Maths series here, to see lots of ideas for creative ways to learn in a hands-on way!

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