10 Natural Play Dough Recipes

Here is a collection of 10 simple and easy, natural play dough recipes with a wonderful variety of scents and textures for sensory  and creative play for kids of all ages.10 Natural Play Dough Recipes


All of the following natural play dough recipes are made using our super-quick, no-cook recipe as a base. To these we simply added fresh herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds and spices for a gorgeous array of scents and textures. Try one per week for the next few months! Click each link to see the full instructions and how we developed the play and learning with each one.


Rosemary play dough


Lavender play dough recipe




Blueberry Play Dough Recipe

Wholegrain and seeds

wholegrain and seeds play dough

Porridge oats

Porridge oats play dough recipe

Oranges and Lemons

orange and lemon play dough recipe

Cinnamon and nutmeg





Chocolate play dough activity


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