Gorgeous Garden Playhouse Review

We received a fabulous wooden garden playhouse from Argos to review and the girls have been having a wonderful start to their summer!



With the holidays fast approaching I’ve been so excited to get the new playhouse set up and ready for long lazy days in the garden. This Billy Oh Tower is a little bit special as it is raised off the ground on stilts , with a ladder up one side and a slide down the other! So much fun and an active climbing centre all combined into one. I would have adored something like this as a child! The possibilities of what it can be turned into are endless, with forts, camps, tea houses and shops all fun possibilities on the horizon. IMG_5088

Inside is cosy but spacious enough for all three of them to get inside and lay about on cushions, doing a spot of reading and colouring or playing house. They usually close the door when I come near  to keep it a secret fun house just for the girls (although I have had my turn in there with a book too!) It will certainly last the longest in terms of size and space for the littlest two (aged 3 and 1) but there is plenty of play space and challenge for my 4 year old too at the moment, and they all love it equally.IMG_5094

I absolutely adore the little veranda and the last big question that remains is what colour to paint it all, yellow, duck egg blue or (as the kids want) pink?! I think it certainly calls for some mini bunting and a door number, with number 100 being the most popular according to the girls, and some planters filled with cheerful flowers out at the front.


We are not DIY inclined (to put it mildly) so we hired a couple of local handymen to put this structure together for us. It comes in pre-cut pieces with a whole lot of screws and nails, but they had the whole thing up and in place in  about 2 hours, which I was very impressed by! Despite being on stilts it is really sturdy and they placed it onto 4 level paving slabs under each leg. We just need to lay some bark chip pings now for it to be extra safe incase of falls!IMG_5101

There are plenty of other fun looking garden play houses, climbing frames,  trampolines and even bouncy castles on the Argos website , all of which look fantastic good fun. Adding a new play element to the garden at this time of year is sometimes all that is needed to keep the fun going through those long summer days at home (and a great way to entertain the neighbours and visitors too!)

[This is a review post. The item was sent to us from Argos and all opinions are our own.]


  1. julie says

    what lucky girls!
    I love reading about your wonderful activities and experiences. I am an educator in Sydney/Australia, you are so inspiring and creative. Thank you.

  2. says

    that’s a fantastic playhouse! I love the door number and bunting ideas – you should put up a little mailbox too, you never what you might get in there!

  3. Christiane says

    hey i ve been looking forever for one of those :) i went to their site but its not clear, do they have ship outside UK? to the middle east?

  4. Sarah Haig says

    That’s super cute. My husband is a carpenter and made a very cute posh play house as a commission sadly he has never had time to do one for our three!