5 must have toys for outdoor play this summer!

It’s finally summer time! And that means outdoor play from breakfast time until bedtime, enjoying nature and the garden (or space in a nearby park if you have one!) We have some basic added extras to increase our fun and keep them entertained for longer. Here are some other fabulous items that have caught my eye and that I recommend.

This gorgeous TP climbing frame with den and wavy slide (my friend has just got this in her garden and my girls LOVE it!) So great for stretching their climbing abilities and giving an extra challenge, as well as being a lot more fun than our basic little slide. I think it even comes with add ons and accessories for future playtimes.

activity centre

We have a trampoline but it’s on its last legs and I love the look of this surround safe version with all the springs covered for safety! This is going on our wish list.


A sand pit is a real must have, and one with a lid or cover is the best for keeping out night time animal visitors. So much fund nd learning is found in the humble box, especially by adding loose materials like in this post.

Sand pit john lewis

I think with this current summer heat that this may be the year we finally add a slip-n-slide to the bottom of our slide. So much fun and so evocative of childhoods where we tried to construct these out of black bin bags!

slip and slide

And what is summer time in the garden without a paddling pool?! Obviously great for cooling down water play, but also so much fun filled with play balls or other sensory materials such as shaving cream or shredded paper. The possibilities are endless.

paddling pool

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    Cool ideas! I liked the huge trampouline and the slip-n-slide I would be entertaining myself this way all day long too, hahaha! But if the water surface soft? Isn’t it painful to land? Thanks! :-)