Camp Mom Summer Activity Pack

With the summer break just around the corner (already!) I’m so thrilled to be able to offer you help and inspiration to fill those long weeks at home with the kids with this wonderful Summer Camp Activity pack! Produced in collaboration with my favourite blogger friends the 20 Moms, we are a group of educators, artists and parents who all blog about parenting and kids’ learning activities and share our top posts on our collaborative Pinterest board Top 20 Moms.summer-ebook-cover2

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We have combined our best activity ideas, parenting tips and organisational planners to create this bumper  PDF pack of inspiration to see you through the whole summer long with your kids off school, which you can dip into a day or week at a time and use in a flexible way to suit your own needs.

It is divided into three main themes:

Water: splash and play

Art: The Earth without art is just “eh”

Nature: Explorers in your own backyard

Plus a bonus of Sensory Play Everyday! A full list of exciting activities with links through to our best projects, enough to keep you busy for every day of the summer!

The activity packed is aimed at children aged 2-9 years old, although of course the ideas can easily be adapted either way to stretch them to suit all.


Within these topics we present you with:

  • over 45 exciting and achievable activities with full instructions and resource lists
  • related book lists to borrow from the library
  • ideas places to go on related  adventures

As well as providing printable check lists and organisational charts as handy planning resources! The material is presented in PDF format for easy download at home. It can be printed and stored ready to go for summer!

  • leaf-pounding


The Camp Mom Summer Activity Pack officially goes on sale on May 15th, but if you are quick there is a great special offer up for grabs!

Special Offer! All those who buy during the month of May will receive a FREE copy of this wonderful eBook by Amanda Morgan, Positive Parenting: the basics, worth $4.99. (Offer ends May 31st). Perfect for helping to cope with sibling rivalries and staying calm as a parent through the long break!


$9.99 (£5.93)  ej_add_to_cart

We can’t wait to have you play along with us this summer. Let’s make it the best summer yet with Camp Mom!

[ Please note this is not a physical book you will receive in the mail, this is an eBook that you download and print off to use at home.]


  1. Amy Davis says

    Hi! My son is 33 months, would this package be geered towards him? I will buy if so, it looks like a lot of wonderful fun for our summer.
    Thank you for your time.

    • says

      Great question and how did I miss putting in that information?! It’s aimed at maybe 2 1/2 year olds to 8 or 9 year olds, so at 33 months I think it will be perfect for him!

  2. says

    Looks awesome. What a great resource! I’m just starting to think about those unscheduled weeks of summer now … and how to fill them in!

  3. Alex says

    Have just been shown your site, and love it. I co-run a playgroup for preschoolers, and will show our mums this link, for their summer holidays. You have some gorgeous activities, can’t wait to try the edible finger paint. We are going to do it on tin foil to get different textures.

  4. Kat says

    I’m sorry if the post co era this, but I imagine this is a digital file?
    Looks great!

  5. Mommy Vineis says

    Hi, I’d like to order this for our summer vacation. How long will it take to get? We leave June 14th…

  6. Anthonia says

    Hello Anna Ranson, just wondering if you have other activity books for pre-school children especially the activities you place on your website if you published them?would like to know please.

  7. Anthonia says

    Thanks for replying Anna, please let me know so to get involved.thanks again

  8. kirsty mcbride says

    I bought the campmum summer pack.
    i paid through paypal.
    Do i recieve it as an Ebook?
    I also bought it before 15th may but didnt see an option to put discount code
    please could you let me know
    thank you
    would be best if you emailed thank you

    • says

      Hi Kirsty! I have asked Alissa from Creative with Kids who is in charge of the technical stuff (I’m a little clueless sorry) and as soon as she looks into why you haven’t got it or the code etc I will let you know via email. Sorry and I hope you get it soon! Yes it’s an ebook. x

  9. kirsty mcbride says

    hi Anna thank you for replying.
    I thought it may have been sent to my other email as that is the email on my paypal but it doesn’t seem to be there either.