DIY Flower Fairy Wooden Peg Dolls

Make some gorgeous flower fairy wooden peg dolls using simple materials, for creative play times and imaginative storytelling! These Waldorf-inspired toys are so quick and easy to make and require no sewing, making them the perfect gift for children.

DIY flower fairy dolls tutorial

Materials needed:

plain wooden peg doll figures (we sourced these via an ebay shop)

paint (we used block water colours)


strong glue or a glue gun (we used UHU)

buttons/ sequins/ paper stickers for embellishments (optional)


Coloured wooden dolls

I started by painting the bodies of the dolls using ordinary block water-colour paints and water. The natural wood absorbed the colours really well and still looked bright and vibrant after drying. I chose to make them rainbow colours with an additional shade of pale pink (hugely popular in this house as you can imagine!)
Making felt capes for flower fairies

Using small pieces of coloured felt, matching the bodies of the dolls, I cut them into semi-circular shapes with petal shaped edging. These then became the little flower cloaks, being simply wrapped around the bodies and attached with UHU glue along the edges and at the crossover.

making flower crowns for peg doll fairies
To make the flower crowns I cut small rectangles of felt in matching colours to the cloaks, then cut 5 of the same petal shapes along it. I stuck the crown on the front of the fairy’s head, glue spread on the reverse side of the bottom edge. Where the two petals either side of the face reached the cloak, I folded them slightly upwards and forwards, and applied a little dot of extra glue to make them face forwards. DIY flower fairy peg dollsWe found some little sticky paper flowers in our craft stash that are meant for scrap-booking projects, and used them to add a little detail to the front of the cloaks. All finished and ready to give away or keep and play with!
Flower fairy wooden dolls tutorialT he girls have loved playing with the flower fairies and, combined with the totally gorgeous rainbow gnomes that we received from Pocket Treasures, they have now got a lovely little collection of woodland folk to make up imaginative stories with! (If you don’t have the time or materials to make your own I can highly recommend the gnomes and mini fairies from Victoria’s inspirational selection. Check them out!)

Designing a fairy forest on large paper

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  1. Jenna says

    I love these soooo much!! My dolls from ebay are now ordered, thanks for another great idea:)

  2. says

    I love this idea. Two of my son’s friends are turning 4 soon, both girls who enjoy making things, so I plan to make up a little gift package with the plain dolls, paints, felt flower cloaks etc. It’ll be a dual-purpose pressie – hopefully an enjoyable afternoon making the dolls, and then lots of fun playing with them!

  3. Toby says

    These are so adorable. I would love to make these for my daughter’s 5th birthday which is coming up. I am not very crafty so need some extra help please. Are these the same type of wooden pegs that you can get at craft shops like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s? And also, what is the block water colors paint that you used? And, the glue – “UHU” ~ sorry but can you give me more info on those items? I would love to keep everything as natural/non-toxic as possible. My daughter goes to a Waldorf school and these would just be perfect!! :-)