Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids Book Review

Today I am honoured to be reviewing a preview copy of the new craft book from my lovely and very talented friend Maggy, who writes over at the inspiring Red Ted Art craft site! 
[Yes, that’s me, going incognito!]
I’m so thrilled to have met Maggy and become friends with her through blogging over the past couple of years. When she first said she wanted to write a book I was 100% behind her as I knew how simply wonderful it would be to bind up some of those creative ideas into a big volume of loveliness! She went about writing it with the same passion and enthusiasm that she radiates daily over on Red Ted Art but was also thorough in the process and wanted it to be perfect. And really, if you have children who love to get creative, or you are keen to do more projects with them, then this book really is perfect for you!
[Gorgeous loo roll animals from Maggy’s book, Red Ted Art]
Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids contains over 60 creative projects for kids of all ages and is, quite simply stunning, both visually and in its content! My girls have chosen many ideas they want to try out and I’m excited to do some things that are a bit different to the norm around here.
I am often very wary of craft books because I’m not at all keen on end-product driven projects, which 9 times out of 10 have to be completed by the adult as the kids walk off disinterested and unable to complete. But this book is refreshing in that the projects are more like inspiring starter activities that kids can participate in fully, or help out with, and most of them end up with something that can be played with which is a huge benefit!
My favourites are the recycled crafts that cost little to no ,obey and yet last a long time and are so original, quirky an creative! Check out the gorgeous array of creatures that can be made form toilet rolls above! There are also many made from pipe cleaners, walnut shells, clothes pegs and rocks, to name but a few. Easily accessible and so much fun!

[Felt food tutorials found in Maggy’s book, Red Ted Art]
I also love how there are projects from older children and also adults, either to make for the home, such s candles and soaps, but also as gifts for the kids, such as these stunning felt strawberries and donuts, complete with beaded sprinkles! It promotes creativity in adults too and re-ignites some dormant 
Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids goes on sale on March 28th RRP £15.99, available from Amazon and all good bookstores. 
Want to WIN a copy? Hop on over to Maggy’s site and enter the giveaway she has going on right now! Be quick, it ends soon!
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