Easter Chick Treat Cups!

With Easter just around the corner, these adorable little chick cups are ridiculously easy to make and make a great little take-home gift or treat cup when filled with chocolate mini eggs or jelly beans!

In the approach to Christmas last year I came across the most gorgeous snowman treat cups over at Blue Cricket Designs. We recently had Baby Bean’s birthday party and had lots of bright yellow paper cups left over, which made me remember the snowmen and voila, some little chicks cups were born, ready for Easter treats! These were so easy to make as a gift for the kiddies, and could either be done as a craft activity or to make as a fab take-home gift for Spring or farm themed parties.

To make these cute little chick cups I simple cut small diamond shapes from orange felt and folded them in the middle to create beaks. Using very sticky UHU glue (or a glue gun), simply stick the beak to the front of a yellow paper cup along the fold. Then I drew on some eyes using a Sharpie permanent marker pen. I had some off-cuts of yellow felt so cut those into rough triangle shapes and stuck them onto the sides of the cups to make little wings.

Inside I added some yellow shredded paper to look like a nest, and arranged some Cadbury’s chocolate mini-eggs on top. All finished!

If you wanted an alternative to sweet treats, you could fill these with wrapped balls of bright yellow play dough, some Spring themed stickers or a tiny book about Spring animals! These chick cups would look so adorable lined up ready to go home as take home gifts for a baby’s first Old MacDonald themed party!
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    How sweet are these?!! Thinking we could use them for the egg hunts rather than big baskets…just need to find some yellow cups. Any recommendations?