The A-Z of Play Dough Recipes and Activities!

Here’s the ultimate collection of more than 50 play dough recipes and creative play activities to take you from A to Z! 

We absolutely ADORE play dough and challenge you to have a go at making your own, try a new flavour or use it in a different way this coming year! We play with it so often that I’m not even surprised to say that all of these recipes are found here on this site! Some ideas are illustrated by photos rather than links to posts and these are of Invitations to Play  set ups that we have shared this year on our  Facebook page . There are also references to cloud dough, salt dough, snow dough and clay dough for you to try out too!

A is for Aromatherapy play dough
 ABC Play dough

B is for Blueberry play dough
 Bakery play dough

C is for Cinnamon play dough cookies
 Chocolate Play dough
 Cupcakes and Candles

 Cloud Dough

D is for Dinosaur play dough (see photo below)

E is for Early Learning Skills Play Dough Maths

F is for FAIRY play dough
Florist’s Shop Play dough
Fossil Imprints in Salt Dough

G is for Gruffalo play dough

Gingerbread play dough
Golden Shimmer dough
Gluten Free play dough

H is for HERBAL play dough
Handprints and Footprints in salt dough

I is for INVENTOR’S play dough

Initials Salt Dough

J is for Jubilee patriotic play dough cupcakes (see photo below)

K is for Kinaesthetic and educational benefits of playing with dough

L is for Lavender play dough

M is for Monster play dough

 Maths play dough
Mermaid Lagoon Cloud Dough

N is for Natural play dough

Nature Impressions in play dough

O is for Ornament Dough
Oranges and Lemons play dough (see photo below)

P is for Peanut Butter play dough
Pirate Play dough (see photo below)

Pizza Play Dough
Pattern Making with play dough (see photo below)

Pinkalicious Cloud Dough Cupcakes

Q is for Quickest ever 4 minute play dough recipe!

R is for Rainbow play dough
Roadway Play Dough (see photo below)

S is for Sweet Shop play dough

Strawberry sparkle play dough
Sand play dough
Snow Dough

Salt Dough Ornaments

T is for Three Bears Porridge Oats play dough

U is for Under the Sea play dough (see photo below)

V is for Very Hungry Caterpillar play dough

Valentine’s Chocolate Box play dough

W is for Wholegrain play dough
 Willy Wonka play dough
 White Snow play dough

X is for eXploration kit for using in play dough (see more ideas in this benefits of play dough post too)

Y is for Yellow colour sorting play dough (see photo below)

Z is for Zoom! Black sparkle space play dough

Inspired by these ideas? Get ready to be AMAZED by the sheer number of incredible posts linked up in this huge ABCs series, from over 100 bloggers from around the world. Here is a link to the other participants in the Learning Through Play category, and there are dozens more too! Each one of these is a complete A-Z list of ideas per topic:

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  1. says

    Wow so many lovely playdough ideas! Looking forward to trying some of these :-)

  2. says

    I have to tell you that you have just really inspired me so much with your play dough creativity. I will be trying out some of your brilliant ideas in my cookery lessons next week as I have a family learning group teaching mums & toddlers about food. This is the perfect engaging activity for them and me and my 3 kids too. Roll on half term!

  3. LubnaMoosa says

    Hi! I can’t wait to have a play dough party with all ese ideas. Thanks. A lot. I’m just wondering how long can I keep the play dough and reuse without the play dough spoiling? Thanks

    • says

      They last a good few months in a jar with a tight lid, or in a zip loc bag in the fridge too. I prefer to keep mine in a cupboard in jars but it’s not too humid where we live.

  4. Susana says

    Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing, I’ll definitely using some of your ideas, thank you so much!!!

  5. says

    OMG!! These are absolutely fabulous! I have just recently introduced play dough to my 21 month old son and we are happy cutting out shapes. But as I see this, this is a whole new world out there!

    Thank you for tickling my imagination :)