Spin Art Heart Cards for Valentines Day

Make some gorgeous Valentine’s day heart cards using spin art with bright and sparkly paints!
We used our favourite method of salad spinner painting to create these beautiful hearts on bright red card, ready for making cards and a garland for Valentine’s Day (or any day that needs a bit of love!)
This time we used just multi-coloured glitter glue, an no paint, for a really sparkly effect. After spinning once they added some  more on top and spun again to create layers of colours.
Once they were dry we stuck some onto the front of plain white folded card. The bright red with the sparkly colours look so striking on the contrasting white background. Then they wrote inside who they will be for.  Cakie’s is for Daddy, of course!
I stuck the rest of the hearts onto a ribbon, using tape at the back, to make a garland decoration. They’re adding a little sparkle and colour after the plainness of the post-Christmas decorations!

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Cakie: 4.4
Pop 2.10
Bean 10 mos

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  1. says

    I just want you to know that as an occupational therapist, I am LOVING your website! I work in the schools, and I’m so excited to share many of your creative ideas. Thank you for posting each of these (and more importantly, thank you for being such a willing parent to allow for so many crazy, messy, fun activities with your kiddos). I appreciate your pictures that you put with each activity, too. I’m very grateful that I found your site!