Lego Print Thank You Cards for Kids

Use Lego and Duplo blocks to create beautiful prints to decorate thank you and birthday cards! Simple,  easily achievable for little hands and very effective in bright colours, this is one of our favourite go-to art activities!
After each Christmas and birthday I always have good intentions for the kids to make their own thank you cards to send to friends and relatives, but often the task seems to big and gets abandoned mid-way through. This time we centred the task around a fun and creative art activity of printing in bright paints using Duplo Lego blocks, creating mini-masterpieces to give away as their thank yous.
Printing with Lego and Duplo blocks is lots of fun and also a great idea for younger children as the blocks are easy to grasp and don’t slip when dipped in paint. The patterns that emerge are striking, especially when overlapped and dipped in multi-coloured paints and they can look gorgeous against contrasting colour background papers. We first experimented with this method of printing with our Eric Carle inspired art work and framed letters. 

 After they had printed with paints onto brightly coloured tissue papers, we left them to dry then snipped the sheets into random shapes. They then glued these directly onto the front of folded white card. Finished!

We also printed some Lego patterns straight onto the front of some mini-sized cards for some variety. These would look really striking in black on white or neon colours on black!

Have you made any cards yet? Please share a link!

What they are learning as they play:
creative: making prints, overlapping, colour mixing, cutting and tearing, creating collage
maths: recognising and naming circles, creating patterns, counting shapes, rotating and overlapping shapes
motor skills: grasping and careful printing with blocks, hand:eye coordination, cutting with scissors, tearing using two hands, sticking

Cakie: 4.4
Pop: 2.9
Bean: 10 mos

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