Edible Jewels Sensory Play!

Today’s super sensory playful activity comes to us via a wonderful guest post by Rachel of Kids Activities Blog.

This is a super simple kids activity that will keep your kids engaged for hours – playing and eating jewels – aka pomegranate seeds. One of our winter activities is picking out the seeds in our favorite seedy fruit!

To add an educational element to our snack preparation, as we broke open the pods we looked at the seeds with magnifying glasses, it was fun to find the “embryo” in the seeds. We talked about how the pulp was the plant “food” and if we planted the pomegranate, the pulp of the pod would help give the seeds nourishment as they germinated and grow.   The absolute highlight of the afternoon was watching the kids separate the seeds from the pulp. I am sure there are quicker ways to enjoy a snack, but none that are “as pretty”. The girls *loved* the squishy textures!  

Our Pomegranate-Veggie Juice Recipe:

Press the seeds that you harvested from the pods to collect the juice. We used a potato masher and then strained the seeds out of the juice. Add it to a blender with a handful of spinach and a handful of frozen blueberries – and apple juice. Yum! A fun way to eat veggies!

     Playing with food:

    Are you looking for more ways that your kids can enjoy their food?? Here are some of our favorites:

     Rachel is a busy homeschool Mom of 6 and writes along with Holly and the other Quirky Mommas over at the fabulous Kids Activities Blog. Visit today to be inspired with lots of ideas for activities from babies to school age!


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      My girls love ‘jewels’ so much and will eat an entire box each (you can buy them already seeded. So much easier.)We recently used them to make juice and that was great fun too.