Spin Art Christmas Trees

Create a beautiful garland and some unique Christmas cards by making some funky spin art Christmas trees!

 Have you had a go at creating some simple, vibrant, open-ended art using a salad spinner yet?! It’s so easy that even a toddler can have a go, yet fun enough for adults to love it too!  We’ve made lots of different spin art projects over the past couple of years, after first discovering the trick back when Cakie was just 2 years old, and now we thought we would add Christmas trees to the repertoire too.

How to make spin art trees:
Simply cut some Christmas tree shapes from green card to fit inside the bottom of a salad spinner. Fix the card in the middle of the basket using a piece of blu-tac and let your child squeeze as much liquid paint on top as they like. In fact, the more the better! We also use runny glitter glue to add a big dose of sparkle and fun! Close the lid and spin as fast as possible (what a great gross motor skill to practise!) Then take a peek at the creation inside! We often add more paint at this stage, or sprinkle some glitter over the picture, then put the lid back on and spin again. The layers that build up by doing this can look really stunning!

We strung these trees across the window by sewing through the back of the card and sticking the thread with tape to stop them slipping along when lifted up. The rest we used to stick straight on the front of some Christmas cards for Cakie’s friends. Simple, fun, effective and virtually MESS FREE! (that’s got to be a bonus at this crazy-busy time of year!)

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Cakie: 4.3
Pop: 2.8
Bean: 9 mos