Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough Recipe

Here’s an easy recipe for edible peanut butter play dough, that is gluten free and can be baked into simple, tasty treats too. A fun and quirky spin on the classic play dough recipes which tastes great!
As you know by now we absolutely love to make play dough in our home! I have written about the incredible developmental benefits of playing with play dough and have a whole page dedicated to the dozens of recipes we have tested out so far. But one recipe I’d seen around and not yet tried was for peanut butter play dough. Each recipe that I read was different so in the end we experimented and came up with our own, which is one of the most fun parts of play-recipe making; becoming home scientists!
Peanut Butter Play Dough Recipe:
1 cup powdered milk  (dry)
1/3 to 1/2 cup peanut butter (crunchy for added texture or smooth)
1 teaspoon honey
Edit to add: I’ve seen recipes that are the same as the above but use powdered sugar/ icing sugar instead. Try those if you have no powdered milk!
Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and add more powdered milk if the dough remains too sticky to touch. Then simply roll it out, cut shapes and play! The lovely thing about this recipe is that it is completely edible so safe for little ones who are still at the tasting stage. Obviously do not use this with children who have a nut allergy or are too young to eat nuts.
After a little bit of playing we thought we would experiment by seeing if the dough could be cooked, and it can!

We rolled them into balls (great for fine motor skills), pushed them into some oats and baked them for about 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celcius on an oven tray. They were delicious with a glass of milk, though only one or two at a time as they were fairly salty!

This play dough is, essentially, just normal cooking dough, but still lots of fun. I probably wouldn’t put it in our favourites list but I’m glad we tried it as we had it bookmarked as a must-try for a long time!

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What they are learning as they play:

  • Sensory: exploring textures using fingers and scents using nose. Describe sticky/ dry/ liquid/ solid
  • Motor skills: develop fine motor skills by pinching, squeezing, rolling, squashing, flattening
  • Creativity: pretend and role play scenarios eg bakery, sweet shop, pizzas, pancakes. Using one tool to represent another in imaginary play.
  • Knowledge & Understanding (Science): Mixing ingredients together, observing change of state of materials, predicting outcomes, experimenting outcomes of adding more flour/water, talking about real cooking ingredients and tools, baking and experimenting with recipes and outcomes
  • Maths: counting out cup fulls, measuring and quantities, capacity- full, empty and half full

Cakie: 4.3

Pop: 2.9 
Bean: 10 mos


  1. lynsey says

    This is awesome thank you! My daughter loves playdoh but I usually end up tidying it away early because she eats a lot of it. This is perfect! X

  2. Anonymous says

    My daughter and I are huge fans of your play dough recipes and have accumulated an assortment of yummy scented, colored doughs since I discovered your blog. Some of them are ready to be retired and I was curious if you have any other ideas to use for old play dough before throwing it out?