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I am very thrilled to announce a brand new partnership  between The Imagination Tree and the fabulous educational resources site, Twinkl Resources! With so many free materials for you to download, print out and use at home or in the classroom, as well as incredible resources in the premium collection, I think you will be as excited as me when you take a look! What’s more, they’ve just been shortlisted as a finalist for a BETTs 2013 award, woo hoo!

Twinkl Primary Resources caters for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 (that’s ages 0-11) and provides a wide variety of printable resources, teaching aids, wall charts, worksheets and more! It’s handily divided into subject areas such as maths, literacy, SEN, topics etc as well as by age range to make searching for that all important resource really easy to do. There are also search categories for classroom management, labels (how seriously useful is that?!) and an area specifically for parents too. They’ve got the whole thing covered! 
How I WISH this had been around while I was teaching, but never fear, I am already in the process of downloading and printing off loads of number lines, alphabet packs, nursery rhyme resources and more, to laminate and use at home with the girls. It’s not just for use at school! In fact, this would be a BRILLIANT resource bank for all home-educators, day carers, childminders and everyday parents too.
Many of the resources are free to download immediately, with a fantastic offer to get access to the full 67,000 for a pretty decent price if you become join the premium subscription too. Brilliant!
Also on offer on Twinkl’s site are some wonderful reward and motivation stickers at a very reasonable price. When I was teaching we used to race through these at an incredible pace as we were always (trying at least!) to catch the positive behaviour instead of constanty correcting the negative. I know some people have different opinions about sticker charts and rewards, but for the 300+ children I taught over the years, they were always a super simple yet encouraging way to keep everyone on track! And at this price you could have all the different themed packs to match each child’s interests! )They’d also be a GREAT stocking stuffer idea!)
I do hope you will go and visit and see what a great website this is and help yourself to some wonderful resources for home and school! I must say, the staff are all rather wonderful and extremely friendly which makes a big difference with an online venture!

 And stay tuned as, very soon, we are partnering up to bring you some fantastic activity ideas here on The Imagination Tree, using Twinkl products and a little bit of creative fun! I can’t wait to share  with you! 

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Twinkl. All the opinions are my own (and very genuine!)


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    Ive passed your blog link to quite afew from work and will tell them about Twinkly too, many thanks for the link.
    Guess you already know about Sparklebox which has free printables too?

    I devise and make tactile resources for visually impaired children but frankly much of what I make for work, is as useful for ‘normal’ bairns too.
    If you get chance browse my blog where I often post pics and some insts. of how to make items. Happy to explain how things are made too if anyone wants assistance.

    Ive more recntly complied Topic Boxes on curriculum subjects and have great fun making viking helmets, trenches for WW1 and Anderson shelters for example lol

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    They are fab we have been using the website for a while now for resources for story sacks Handas hens and Were going on a bear Hunt as well as counting and play dough mats. Looking forward to see how you use the resources.