Paper Plate Number Spinner!

Make an easy, fun resource for counting and number recognition using paper plates and foam number stickers!

math number spinner paper plate counting
As part of our new Playful Maths series we will be making some of our own numeracy resources for simple. fun maths play at home. This number spinner was extremely easy to make and a great resource to have ready for some counting fun and number hunt games!
Using 2 colourful paper plates left over from a birthday party, Cakie stuck foam number stickers around the outside edge of one plate. On this occasion I helped her by showing her how to space them out evenly so that they could be seen properly when used with the viewing window. They both also went on to decorate a few extra plates with numbers in any pattern and order that they liked as well!

Then we simply added a ball of blu-tac in the centre of the plate, cut a small rectangle on the edge of the second plate, and stuck it over the top. I pushed a drawing pin (push pin) through the middle and onto the blu-tac, although a split-pin would have been the perfect tool for the job (use one if you have one!)

Ta da! All finished very quickly and ready to play! Some ideas for questions include:

Can you find the number that shows how old you are?
Can you use the spinner to count around the circle from 1-10 and then 10-1 again?
Show me the number that is 1 more than 2
Show me the number that comes before 10
Show me how many fingers/ toes. hands/ feet eyes you have etc!

These would be a great resource for numeracy time at school or nursery too, or out as part of playful investigation in a maths area of the classroom.

Learning Links:

  • maths:  Ordering numbers, counting up and down to 10, finding 1 more and 1 less than, basic addition and subtraction, ordinal and cardinal numbers etc

Cakie: 4.0
Pop: 2.6
Bean: 6 mos

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