Autumn Leaf Spin Art Garland

Celebrate the beginning of Autumn by creating some beautiful fall leaves using oils pastels, paint and glitter to make a spin art garland!Creating spin art is one of the girls absolute favourite ways to create pictures. It is easy, achievable by all, virtually mess-free and produces vibrant results that are different every time. Just perfect for an open-ended, experimental art project for young kids (and adults too- I love it!)

At Easter time we made a funky spin art Easter egg garland to decorate the living room, so now that we are entering Autumn we decorated some leaf shapes in a similar way to (finally) update our decor and bring some seasonal warmth and colour inside! They absolutely LOVE having their art on display.

These are the simple steps:
* cut some leaf shapes from card and invite your children to colour and decorate them using oil pastels,   crayons, pens or pencils (or a combination of them all)
* attach to the inside basket of a salad spinner using a blob of blu-tac
* squirt paint and glitter glue onto the card
* spin really fast (a great gross motor development skill!)
* add more colours of paint and glitter, then re-spin, to create a great build-up of overlapping layers
* when dry, sew through the leaves using needle and thread, taping the back of each leaf to keep them in place on the garland
* hang up and admire!

This activity is great for developing these skills and concepts:
creativity, independence, colour mixing, mixed media, layering, achievement, collaboration, leaf names and shapes, changing seasons

Cakie: 4.0
Pop: 2.6
Bean: 6 mos

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