Egg Carton Colour Sorting

Make a simple colour matching and sorting game using an egg box, colouring pens and coloured chips – great for reinforcing early maths skills in a playful way!

We are still working on consolidating colours with Pop as, even though she recognises them all and can fetch the correct one when prompted, she still likes to name them all as PINK! (I wonder why?!) This was a great, easy game to play with her and took just a few minutes to prepare, using objects from around the house and the recycling bin.
I coloured the bottom sections of a large egg box in various shades of a range of colours. I included light and dark versions of some colours to provide a little extra challenge, and also used black even though I knew we didn’t have any chips that colour to promote some questioning and problem solving.
The girls wanted to play the game together and straight away Pop got the idea of what to do, searching through the lovely bowl of tactile colour to find chips that would match each space. Cakie helped her out if she got it wrong and was very puzzled about the lack of black, declaring we needed to leave it empty as there was nothing close enough to match it.

 She then was inspired to go away and raid the recycling bin to make her own egg box colour matching game, industriously colouring in the bottom sections and gathering left over chips so Pop to play with it.

This tray is open ended and would work well with any objects with a similar objective in mind, such as coloured lego or duple blocks, pom poms, crayons or match sticks. We have moved this to our store cupboard and will pull it out to play with again soon!

 Learning Links:

  • maths: sorting and matching by colour, 1:1 correspondence, recognising and naming colours
  • phse: turn taking, co-operation, perseverance, sustained involvement in play, independent planning and creating 
Cakie: 3.11
Pop: 2.4
Bean: 5 months

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  1. says

    What a great idea! It’s so funny when they think every color has the same name as their favorite. My 20 month old thinks that all the colors are magenta!

  2. despina says

    such a great idea!! where do we get these chips? thank you sooooooooo much for all the creative and absolutely inspiring ideas on this site!! a real treasure, absolute fun to try them out with our kids!!