Glowing Activities for Kids!

Here is a wonderful guest post by one of my favourite, creative bloggers! I’m so thrilled that she is posting her ideas here today so that you can be inspired with some glow into dark activities for your children!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be guest posting here at The Imagination Tree! My name is Crystal, and I and I am the writer of Growing A Jeweled Rose, a play base blog where I share fun and educational activities for young children.  One of our favorite ways to play and explore is with the blacklight, so today I am sharing a few of our favorite glowing ideas and play times.

Many of our glowing activities begin with glow water.  
Glow water
Have you explored with glow water before?   It is really easy to make, and can be used in a variety of traditional art recipes and play times to make them glow.  If you are unfamiliar, you can read all about glow water and how to make it here.
Another one of our favorite ways to play is at bath, so making a glowing bath was bound to be a huge hit for my girls.  We used just a little glow water in the bath to create this Outer Space Themed Bath.
Outer Space Themed Bath
The glow water can be diluted A LOT, and still glow intensely.  For this bath ,we used just a little glow water, and then diluted it to fill the tub. You can read more on this bath, and check out all our other fun bath times here.
The glow water was also a key ingredient in our Mad Science Lab.
I set this play time up for Rosie, and she had great fun mixing concoctions and making some fun Science discoveries.  
Glow water was used in a lot of the activities that were set up for our Blacklight Themed Messy Play Date.

The glowing water beads were the party favorite!
Be sure and check out all the other glowing activities we had set up for the little ones. 
There are also many ways to explore with the black light that don’t require glow water.  My girls had a blast with this Black Light Sticky Table
DIY Blacklight Box

Did you know that tonic water naturally glows in the black light?  It is another fun option to use with blacklight play.
We used tonic in the bath to create a glowing water balloon bath.
One of my girls favorite glowing activities is glowing homemade bath paint.

We whip some of this up for the girls often, and it creates instant smiles! 

For more on making glowing bath paint, click here.

And these are just some of the fun ways we have explored and had fun with blacklight.  Have you explored with the blacklight with your little ones yet?  If you don’t have a blacklight, don’t let that stop you!  You can purchase one very cheaply, and there are endless ways to play.   We got ours at our local Walmart for only $10.  Making playtime glow is sure to be great fun!

I would love for you to drop by Growing A Jeweled Rose and check out what other fun things we have been up to.  We especially love sensory play,  fun in the bath, and  getting messy!

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Lastly, I would like to thank Anna for the opportunity to share here today.  It has been such an honor x